Friday was my last day at the Tearoom in Golightly's. I started working there about 5 years ago and from what I remember it was just going to be temporary?
I only worked there a couple of days a week and it was a lot of fun. Jennifer, the owner of the tearoom, sold the business to Emily (the best cupcake maker in all of Texas). So we both retired on Friday. It was just a good time for me, because being on my feet for several hours isn't as easy as it used to be. I still sell jewelry and other things in the store, so I will be up there frequently. Which I need, because Marcus, for some reason, doesn't like to talk about Dancing with The Stars or how Jesse James is a total moron, or fun new flip flops. The Golightly's girls are good for all of that!
And Jennifer and I are going to Canton tomorrow (the big flea market east of Dallas where I get all my fun stuff), and I have a feeling it will be a lot more fun than working.

The other goodbye is to our church friends, The Foys!

Jay, Julie and Lincoln are moving to Houston, so we got together for a little shin dig on Friday night. I am happy for them, but sad for us.

And in other news:

I had my 24 week appointment today. Baby Katie looked great and weighs 1 pound 9 oz. She was moving around like an acrobat and was extra cute. I have been feeling great and eating like a champ. Thankfully I still have only gained 1 pound. To me this is proof that God loves me!



Thank you so much to those of you that took the time to leave me a comment about baby registering. It was so helpful and I wrote down and brought your suggestions with me today!

I also brought this guy, because he's only two and he gave me great advice on what a baby needs!

Really his mom, Anna, was my saviour today. I didn't get a picture of her, because she wasn't nearly as cute as Hayden! I couldn't have registered without her! She was such a huge help!

After all that hard work I deserved a treat. I got this recipe from Melissa who got it from Susan. So thanks girls!

It's easy peasy.
Put Rolos on top of square pretzels and then put a pecan half on top of that.
Melt them in your oven on about 200 or put them in a toaster oven.

They aren't so blurry in real life. Maybe I was just excited to eat them!
Just let them cool and then stuff your face!
You're welcome!

And I also wanted to share these cute necklaces that I am selling at Golightly's.

There is a lady in Dallas that makes them.
I just love all the colors!
I bought about 14 different necklaces and I wanted to keep every single one of them...
and maybe wear them all at the same time!


You're Gonna Think I'm Crazy

And you would be right!

I painted my washer and dryer again.

First they had cherries on them:
Then they were just plain blue:
So I needed to spice them up a little. Hopefully when we move we will be getting a new washer and dryer set. And hopefully it will be they will be shiny and RED!

Painting appliances is nothing new for me. This is my fridge:

Thankfully I have the kind of husband that does not bat an eye at these type of things that I do.
Although, when I was painting the leopard spots on the washer, he asked if they were walnuts?!! That made me laugh out loud for about 5 minutes.

OK girls, I am registering tomorrow for baby stuff and I am dreading it a little. It's so overwhelming! I usually pick cute over functional. I've heard you can't do that with baby stuff. So please let me know some "have to have" things for a baby.
So far I have ordered her bedding and I got her a super cute yellow polka dot bathing suit with a matching hat. So I am thinking we will need a few more things.
ready, set, comment!


I'm A Party Animal

My Saturday was filled with lots of celebrations!

I haven't posted about them until now, because my camera battery died and I couldn't upload the pictures. We turned the house upside down looking for the charger. Marcus found it today...in the kitchen cabinet with the iron skillets? huh?

Saturday morning started off with a girly baby shower for my church friend, Elizabeth.

She is expecting Victoria Elizabeth in May. It was fun to go to a PINK shower for a change. All our church friends have been having boy after boy for years now! That's all about to change. 3 of us are pregnant with girls now. We are about to take over. Although, I am sure Katie will like the variety of boys she has to choose from.

This is Elizabeth. She moved here from Columbia for college all by herself and didn't speak English. She is a brave girl and SUPER smart. Now she is a fancy engineer. She will be a wonderful mother.

Super cute cake made by Amanda:

This was her first time too. Very impressive.

Then I went to Cason's 1st birthday party!
Here he is with his mom, Catherine.

She was really celebrating surviving her first year with a baby.

The party was at "The Jungle" in our church.

Catherine went all out on the snacks!

Don't you want to climb in that big monkey face?

Then that night we celebrated my parent's 40th anniversary!They have been together since high school. Sometimes they argue like the Costanza's, but they love each other!

This is the last picture I got before my camera died.
We went to dinner with my sister and her family too.

And with all that partying and eating...

this is my new best friend! This baby is giving me heart burn!

And I had to document our first day of spring SNOW fall.

It was warm again today. And tomorrow it will be in the 70's.
I think mother nature has schizophrenia.


Happy Spring

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. It has felt like spring all week. The weather has been perfect. And since it is Texas, and we like to be unpredictable...it might snow tomorrow! Crazy.

I still think it's appropriate to have my Easter decorations out though. It's only 2 weeks away!

I have scaled back a little this year, since our house is on the market. The baby is coming in 4 months, don't you think it's time for this house to sell?

Today, I met Courtney and Julie at Chili's! Yum!

It was 3 girls and 3 babies!

Courtney and Drew.

I got a picture of Charis, but it didn't turn out. I wish it would have. She had a GIANT flower in her hair. Loved it! She is going to be Katie's BFF!

And this is Julie's son, Lincoln. He looks just like my cabbage patch kid! So cute.

The 3 of them were the best behaved babies today! Courtney and Julie behaved too!
The best part was that we ran into Courtney's dad there and he bought our lunch! Isn't that so sweet?!

This is a belly pic AFTER I ate at Chili's. So I think it's more fajita pita, then baby in there.

Wow that's a big belly. Somedays it's not as big. Is that weird?

And Katie is already getting a little spoiled. My sister in law, Lisa, gave her these shoes! And my nephew, Jeddy, picked out one of his favorite books to give to her. He wrapped it and everything! What a sweet boy!

And the bedding is officially ordered and it will be here in 2 weeks!

All of you keep saying that you can't wait to see the nursery! Well I can't wait either. I have no idea where we are going to live, so the nursery is not really planned yet. HOPEFULLY we will move soon, so I have time to get it decked out!


And The Winner Is...

Heather from Oklahoma!

Heather, leave me a comment with your email so I can get your address!
This was my first giveaway and it was fun! So I will probably do another one soon!


Favorite Charity

Kelly's Korner is hosting a Show Us Your Favorite Charities/Ministries blog tour.

I have shared in the past about Amazima Ministries. A few years ago I found Katie's blog and it blew me away. She planned to go to Uganda for a year when she was 20 to start a program for orphans. God led her to adopt one of the orphans and now she has 14 children and feels called to stay in Uganda.

This is Katie with her family. Isn't it unbelievable a young girl would take this on? She chooses to follow God no matter what.
147millionorphans.com has teamed up with Katie and Amazima Ministries. They taught the Ugandan women how to make necklaces out of recycled magazines. It helps them provide for their families and 20% of the proceeds goes back to Amazima.

I want to give away one of these necklaces to YOU! Just leave a comment and I will announce the winner on Monday!

Here's a close up of the beads made from magazines. I love all the colors!

I pray my Katie will follow God as boldly as this Katie.

*Now leave a comment to enter to win the necklace. Then you can spread the message about Amazima too! *



Aren't they cute?!

Our friend, Stephen celebrated his 30th birthday this week. All he wanted to do was come over, sit outside, and stare at the smoker and eat some BBQ. He has had a stressful few months. Courtney and Stephen had twins right before Christmas and the twins are winning. Actually they are doing a fabulous job and they make twins look easy!

On a side note:
Marcus makes the best BBQ in the whole world. Here he is making his giant smoker a couple of years ago. It has been around the block a few times since then.

Here is a picture of the actual twins taking a nap in my guest room. They are almost as cute as Stephen and Marcus in their matching shirts.

Stephen was still "on duty" even though we are celebrating his birth:

I bet he wished for this babies to start sleeping through the night!

I didn't get a picture of the girls. oops. Courtney and I did watch The Office though. Did you see it?! We were stressed the whole time! The part that resonated with me the most was when Kevin was talking about 1st breakfast and 2nd breakfast, and 1st lunch and 2nd lunch and so on. That is so right where I am right now. I start the day at 5:00 am and eat some cereal, go back to bed, wake up and have my second breakfast. And then it seems like constant eating for the rest of the day. Sometimes I actually get sick of eating! I never thought that could happen.

I told you this baby was a miracle!


This And That

First of all, Thank you for being so excited about our baby girl! We are thrilled! And I am glad so many of you like her name. My mom is not a fan of the middle name, so it was making me second guess it. Your sweet words made me feel better.

Look at this cute gift I got from my friend Laura yesterday:

Little crocheted fire boots for Katie to wear when she visits her dad at work! And the cupcake is rolled up with a diaper, some socks, and a washcloth. I don't want to take it apart. I still haven't bought anything for Katie yet. I need to get on that! I think I am afraid once I start, I won't be able to stop!

And when we went to visit my mom's school yesterday to share the news, I also saw my niece and nephew. My nephew, Ryan, lost his tooth that morning. So I had to get a picture.

He's pretty cute.

AND the reason we drove 3 hours south on Monday was so Marcus could buy a guitar!

He starting learning to play at the fire station. They have their own little concerts at night. Sometimes they sing Karaoke too. For several weeks Marcus couldn't stop singing Proud Mary around the house. I guess it was one of their favorites. He always thought the song was called BROWN Mary. So I guess Karaoke can be educational.
Anyway, he felt the need to have his OWN guitar. Hopefully he'll start learning how to play lullabies real soon.

And a sweet blogger Audrey gave me an award. She has a little boy named Jack and a brand new baby named Jovie. It's amazing she even has time to blog!
I am still always humbled at the fact that "strangers" read about my life, care about my baby, and take the time to leave sweet and encouraging comments. I really appreciate all of you! You are not really strangers after all!


Boy OH Boy...

Today is THE DAY!

This is before we left the house:

This is the baby daddy waiting patiently in the room:

This is me waiting impatiently. My blood pressure and pulse were through the roof!

We went to my mom's school to tell her the news!
It's also the school where my sister tutors and my niece and nephew go, so we got to tell all of them!


It feels so great to know finally! Now it feels more real. And thankfully everything looked great!
We have had the name Katie forever and Marcus picked the middle name. He's set on it so don't try to change his mind...
She's got to be cute with a name like that!