Friday was my last day at the Tearoom in Golightly's. I started working there about 5 years ago and from what I remember it was just going to be temporary?
I only worked there a couple of days a week and it was a lot of fun. Jennifer, the owner of the tearoom, sold the business to Emily (the best cupcake maker in all of Texas). So we both retired on Friday. It was just a good time for me, because being on my feet for several hours isn't as easy as it used to be. I still sell jewelry and other things in the store, so I will be up there frequently. Which I need, because Marcus, for some reason, doesn't like to talk about Dancing with The Stars or how Jesse James is a total moron, or fun new flip flops. The Golightly's girls are good for all of that!
And Jennifer and I are going to Canton tomorrow (the big flea market east of Dallas where I get all my fun stuff), and I have a feeling it will be a lot more fun than working.

The other goodbye is to our church friends, The Foys!

Jay, Julie and Lincoln are moving to Houston, so we got together for a little shin dig on Friday night. I am happy for them, but sad for us.

And in other news:

I had my 24 week appointment today. Baby Katie looked great and weighs 1 pound 9 oz. She was moving around like an acrobat and was extra cute. I have been feeling great and eating like a champ. Thankfully I still have only gained 1 pound. To me this is proof that God loves me!


These are the days... said...

I'm going to Canton tomorrow too! Hoping to beat the crowds and find some great stuff.

Staci said...

Wish I could say I was going to Canton tomorrow! Haven't been in a few years now. I can't wait to visit Golightly's! Do you still have any necklaces left? I am hoping to get out there soon. It looks so amazing. Can't believe I never knew about this place!

Vanessa said...

Oh stink! Sadly I have already gained 8 lbs! haha

Katy said...

Very jealous about your canton trip, want to GO SO BADLY!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear you're doing well and I have not even stepped on the scale to see my weight...pretty sure I don't wanna know. :)

Dawn said...

Jesse is a moron! AND a jerk! I am going to Canton too--unless it is a downpour.