I'm A Party Animal

My Saturday was filled with lots of celebrations!

I haven't posted about them until now, because my camera battery died and I couldn't upload the pictures. We turned the house upside down looking for the charger. Marcus found it today...in the kitchen cabinet with the iron skillets? huh?

Saturday morning started off with a girly baby shower for my church friend, Elizabeth.

She is expecting Victoria Elizabeth in May. It was fun to go to a PINK shower for a change. All our church friends have been having boy after boy for years now! That's all about to change. 3 of us are pregnant with girls now. We are about to take over. Although, I am sure Katie will like the variety of boys she has to choose from.

This is Elizabeth. She moved here from Columbia for college all by herself and didn't speak English. She is a brave girl and SUPER smart. Now she is a fancy engineer. She will be a wonderful mother.

Super cute cake made by Amanda:

This was her first time too. Very impressive.

Then I went to Cason's 1st birthday party!
Here he is with his mom, Catherine.

She was really celebrating surviving her first year with a baby.

The party was at "The Jungle" in our church.

Catherine went all out on the snacks!

Don't you want to climb in that big monkey face?

Then that night we celebrated my parent's 40th anniversary!They have been together since high school. Sometimes they argue like the Costanza's, but they love each other!

This is the last picture I got before my camera died.
We went to dinner with my sister and her family too.

And with all that partying and eating...

this is my new best friend! This baby is giving me heart burn!

And I had to document our first day of spring SNOW fall.

It was warm again today. And tomorrow it will be in the 70's.
I think mother nature has schizophrenia.


Malinda said...

I know - isn't this weather crazy? We were in shorts last week, and it snowed on us after church yesterday. Cute pics of the parties. And girls are GREAT fun! Congratulations!

O Mom said...

Even your deck is colorful and cute. I can't believe your house hasn't sold, if I lived by you I would be grabbing it up!
What is that "cake " made from? diapers or baby blankets? So cute!

Amy said...

A friend of mine the other day said mother nature needs some prozac! :) I'm with ya! 70s, snow, 70s, snow again tomorrow? What gives! BLAH!

Awesome colors on the deck! JEALOUS!:)

Fabiola said...

I love your pictures. You are looking gorgeous.

As for mother nature, I have to AGREE with you. We are having unbearable hot weather since October. It is 100°F almost everyday. It is old news now, we are so ready for some cool down.

Jules said...

I'm laughing at your reference to the Costanzas :) I think all parents argue like that at times!
Congrats on your little blessing!