Thank you so much to those of you that took the time to leave me a comment about baby registering. It was so helpful and I wrote down and brought your suggestions with me today!

I also brought this guy, because he's only two and he gave me great advice on what a baby needs!

Really his mom, Anna, was my saviour today. I didn't get a picture of her, because she wasn't nearly as cute as Hayden! I couldn't have registered without her! She was such a huge help!

After all that hard work I deserved a treat. I got this recipe from Melissa who got it from Susan. So thanks girls!

It's easy peasy.
Put Rolos on top of square pretzels and then put a pecan half on top of that.
Melt them in your oven on about 200 or put them in a toaster oven.

They aren't so blurry in real life. Maybe I was just excited to eat them!
Just let them cool and then stuff your face!
You're welcome!

And I also wanted to share these cute necklaces that I am selling at Golightly's.

There is a lady in Dallas that makes them.
I just love all the colors!
I bought about 14 different necklaces and I wanted to keep every single one of them...
and maybe wear them all at the same time!


Staci said...

Those necklaces are gorgeous! How much do you charge for them? I may need one and may give one as a gift. It has my bff written all over it!

Glad the registering went well. I was so excited to do it for the first time and left on the verge of tears. It was one of the most overwhelming things I've ever done!

Hayley said...

I NEED the necklace that has the bright colors and zebra print cross on the back!!! Can I purchase it???

Also - after Lent, I will definitely be making the little Rolo Pretzels!!! Those look awesome!

Constance said...

Hi! I am in love with your house! I know you said it is on the market and I live in the DFW area and wondering what area you live in? Tomorrow I am headed to Golighty's! It is amazing!!

Hayley said...

Yes, if you still have it I would love to buy it! Just let me know if it's still available and the price :)

Katy said...

The necklaces are FAB!!
Glad your registering experience went well and so glad you had someone to help ya. Hope you're doing wonderfully GREAT!!
Wish I could jump into my minivan today and head over to Golightly's and check out your stuff and the rest of the store...I think my 5-6 hr. drive would be a bit much though. :)