This And That

First of all, Thank you for being so excited about our baby girl! We are thrilled! And I am glad so many of you like her name. My mom is not a fan of the middle name, so it was making me second guess it. Your sweet words made me feel better.

Look at this cute gift I got from my friend Laura yesterday:

Little crocheted fire boots for Katie to wear when she visits her dad at work! And the cupcake is rolled up with a diaper, some socks, and a washcloth. I don't want to take it apart. I still haven't bought anything for Katie yet. I need to get on that! I think I am afraid once I start, I won't be able to stop!

And when we went to visit my mom's school yesterday to share the news, I also saw my niece and nephew. My nephew, Ryan, lost his tooth that morning. So I had to get a picture.

He's pretty cute.

AND the reason we drove 3 hours south on Monday was so Marcus could buy a guitar!

He starting learning to play at the fire station. They have their own little concerts at night. Sometimes they sing Karaoke too. For several weeks Marcus couldn't stop singing Proud Mary around the house. I guess it was one of their favorites. He always thought the song was called BROWN Mary. So I guess Karaoke can be educational.
Anyway, he felt the need to have his OWN guitar. Hopefully he'll start learning how to play lullabies real soon.

And a sweet blogger Audrey gave me an award. She has a little boy named Jack and a brand new baby named Jovie. It's amazing she even has time to blog!
I am still always humbled at the fact that "strangers" read about my life, care about my baby, and take the time to leave sweet and encouraging comments. I really appreciate all of you! You are not really strangers after all!


Vanessa said...

I just love the fireman boots! Did she make them? Or buy them somewhere? They would be perfect for our little guy on the way!

Staci said...

Oh girl I am so happy for you! (didn't get to comment yesterday) I adore her name! I wish I wouldve stuck to my guns on baby girl #2's name. Hers ended up being the "greatest common denominator" I like to say since most people hated it and I let it get to me. I may need a #3 just so I can use it!

I will be sending something to you soon. I have your address (I think) from your shopping party back around the holidays. I think you'll like it!

Have you been to Lone Star Baby? They had some cool stuff.

Ok enough babble from me. Just so excited for you!

Frugal Jen said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of girly bows, frills and bling! Congrats!!!

I am so happy for you both I know how much you wanted a baby girl!

Katy said...

PRECIOUS little fire{girl} booties!!

Ben and Audrey said...

yay for the award. and i LOVE those firemen booties!! super cute!! and you're right, once you start buying for a little girl, it is SO hard to stop!!!

Ben and Audrey said...

just wanted to let you know about a great sale that i just came across. super cute pillowcase dresses for $10. you could order them for Katie to wear later. here is the link:

when you add the dress to your shopping cart, then the price will be reduced to $10. happy shopping!

Tonja said...

First of all congratulations on your baby girl!!! And the boots are too cute!

I looked for an email address but couldnt find one so I thought I would ask you on here...I was looking through your blog and saw the before pics of your living room and saw that you had that wood paneling. I have the same paneling in my living room and I hate it! I was wondering if you could tell me how you guys removed it and made the walls look so good. You can email me back at leahcim113@yahoo.com if you would like :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on having a girl!! I have two little girls at home and they're the best!! Love the name too!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on Baby GIRL!!
I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I just LOVE your style! I have two girls of my own, you are just going to have a BLAST! I love the name by the way. Oh, and you just missed me when you were in Round Rock, we live in Hutto! ;)

The Stain Family said...

Super cute gifts...LOVE the booties! And LOVE the name too! It's amazing how everyone has an opinion on "your" baby name. With our son, Raegen {which means "little king"}, we had a few folks that were more than persistent at telling us how much they hated it; "worst thing we could do for the kid"; yada yada...my husband and I thought maybe they were confused and assumed we were taking a poll. We were not. ha. I can't imagine him having any other name. I'm 40w 4d now with our second son and we tried to prepare everyone that when the name was revealed, it's Lynden by the way, it was moreless set in stone...again, not taking a poll, but 'preciate yer right to an opinion. :) They'll learn to love the name as much as ya'll do!

Dawn said...

Those boots are adorable!