The Weekend

Blogging is kind of like living in the dorm again. You have lots of fun girls at the tip of your fingers to ask their advice. Thanks so much for answering my questions from the last post and giving me some great suggestions.

Now I wish we could all borrow clothes and jewelry too!

Look at this super cute sign!

My friend Amanda, who actually did live in the dorm with me and for the rest of college, sent this for Katie's room! I just LOVE it to pieces! I can't wait to decorate her nursery. I just need to know where we are going to live first!!

So this weekend we celebrated my mom's birthday. She doesn't read my blog, so I can tell you that she turned 62!

My mom with Ryan and Morgan.
(Her favorite grandkids until Katie comes!)

Ryan showing us how he can ride his bike like a pro:

My mom on Morgan's scooter:

Don't break a hip lady!

Then on Saturday Marcus and I went to Oklahoma City for him to run the Memorial Marathon on Sunday.

He ran with his friend, David, from the fire department.

They also did an Ironman together 4 years ago! Stud Muffins!

At the finish line!

The marathon started and finished at the OKC bombing memorial. It is beautiful and sad all at the same time.

I think I was more tired than Marcus when it was all over.

Today is Tuesday and he is still a little sore. Our house smells like Icy Hot right now!
I have my 28 week appointment tomorrow! They are doing the glucose test. I was told that "the older moms" usually have the test come back with high blood sugar.
Good thing she wasn't referring to me!



I need to discuss all my reality TV with you all. Jennifer and I would always recap the shows when we were at the tearoom. Now we aren't at the tearoom anymore, so I am going to talk to you about it. And Jennifer just pretend like we are at work!

Do you watch Dancing With The Stars?

I want these two to get married and have babies:

And I really felt like it was time for Kate to go. It would have been sad if one of the better dancers had left instead of her. Sometimes I just had to fast forward through her performance, because it made me so nervous and embarrassed for her!

I am sure she did better than I could have ever done!

Speaking of embarrassed...Did you want to DIE when Jake came out in his panties?

I did. I was a relieved when he put some pants on!

And in more reality, that's not mine, American Idol:

I thought Crystal Bowersox did amazing. I am loving her more and more each week. I think she has such a great personality too. The hair is not my fave, but she probably wouldn't like my hair either.

And now for my reality:

Our house still has not sold. We have had so many "maybes" lately. Hopefully it will happen soon. The baby will be here in 3 months. And that's the absolute longest. She could be ready to play dress up and come early! If you feel led to do so, will you pray it sells soon?

And now some questions for you:

1. What do you wear in the hospital after you have the baby? PJs, regular clothes, or do you just wear a fashionable hospital gown? I have seen a hundred moms at the hospital, but I never paid attention to what they were wearing.

2. What kind of face soap or moisturizer does your husband use? Marcus keeps using regular soap on his face and it's not working out so well. I have oily skin and he has dry skin, so I don't know what to buy for him. He could care less if his face turns straight to leather, but I care. (Do you wish I would go back to the tearoom so I didn't have to ask you these crazy things?)

3. Since I am not losing any hair right now, it is big and bushy and a little dry. I thought pregnant girls were supposed to have shiny hair. Mine's not. Any suggestions for a super conditioner or hot oil or something that makes my hair look less like hay?

I know I had other questions for you, but they fell out of my brain for now. Don't worry, I know where to find you!


It's Like It's 1990 All Over Again

In my last post (over a week ago!), I mentioned that I fit in great with 15 year old girls. Well it's a good thing, because I had a bunch of them staying at my house for the weekend.

Our church had a Disciple Now weekend were 7th through 12 graders stay together at different houses. They do a mission project, have Bible studies, and we meet at the church for a concert and speaker on Friday and Saturday night. I actually went to the same thing when I was in 9th grade too!

On Saturday afternoon we made tie dyed shirts. I had to use one of Marcus's t-shirts so it would fit my belly! I told him he could still use it if he wants.

And we just had to make one for baby Katie too!

We want her to fit in with the cool kids right away!

Isn't that so cute!?

We had the best time this weekend. Today my house is a little too quiet!


Beauties and The Beast

I am part of the 9th grade girls group at church and it is one of my greatest joys. I fit in great with 15 year old girls!

Today one of the girls, Abby, was in Beauty and the Beast. A group of us had the pleasure of going to the show. It was fantastic!

She's on the right.

And here are some of the 9th grade beauties with Abby after the show!

You are looking at some of Katie's future babysitters right here!


Family Picture Day!

We had our family pictures done today!
Marcus was on his "best" behavior. He is sporting some sunglasses he found on the ground.
That's our photographer, Kim, behind him. This is her website.

My niece and nephew.

And Kim taking pictures of my mom and dad (not Kenny Rodgers):

You can go to Kim's blog here to see a few of the pictures she took.

They are a little better than ours!


Mantel Party

I have never been to a mantel party before, but The Nester is hosting one today!

My mantel changes with all the seasons and holidays.

This is what it looked like before we bought the house...

I know!

And during the transformation:

And After:

Now it gets to be PINK and festive:

Thanks for coming to my mantel party!

Go check out the other great mantels at The Nester!

My Hero, The Rapper, and a Tutu

Those 3 things go together, right?
Tonight Marcus talked to the kids at church about being a fire fighter, because they are learning to pray for the people in their community.

It was so cute and they really had some great questions; What if the fire station catches on fire? And do you like sloppy joe's?

This is Marcus with Lisa, the children's director.

And here he is trying on all his gear for the kids.:

The kids were so sweet and polite and gave Marcus some decorated treat bags to bring to his fire station:

And a Fire Fighter's Bible that they put their thumb prints in:

Right after that gig we ran over to the student building at church for the Big Al concert for the teenagers. He is a Christian rapper and is amazing!

This was the best my little pink camera could do in the dark room. Little Katie is going to come out with some rhythm (or hearing loss) because of this concert.

Speaking of Katie, look what she got in the mail today:

My sweet blogger friend, Staci, sent it to her. She made the tutu herself!
Thanks Staci!
I have a feeling tomorrow won't be near as exciting as today was. Although, I am going to get my nails done and go to the cleaners, so we'll see...


Happy Easter

He Is Risen! Happy Easter!

Both Marcus's and my family came over today for lunch.
The girl table is above
and this is the boy table.

And of course you have to have a kid's table too.

It's much cuter with the kids...

We had to take no less than ONE MILLION pictures.
This is Marcus's family:

And my family is clearly less experienced at the picture taking:

And I stick out like a sore thumb in both of them. Next year we will be holding a 9 month old baby girl in the Easter picture. Complete with a super cute dress and a HUGE bow! I can't wait.

Then THE HUNT was on:
We hid 68 eggs, but only found 66. I have a feeling Poncho and Blue will find the other 2 in no time.

The kids with their loot:

And the paparazzi:

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter! It is something that should be celebrated everyday of your life!