Beauties and The Beast

I am part of the 9th grade girls group at church and it is one of my greatest joys. I fit in great with 15 year old girls!

Today one of the girls, Abby, was in Beauty and the Beast. A group of us had the pleasure of going to the show. It was fantastic!

She's on the right.

And here are some of the 9th grade beauties with Abby after the show!

You are looking at some of Katie's future babysitters right here!


Miss G said...

Hi Dina, thanks for your comment! The labor part has made me nervous off and on at different times for sure but I'm feeling not nervous right now. Don't know if you'd like to e-mail more about it but my e-mail's on my blog if you'd like to and I can tell you a little more about how we've prepared. Bottom line, God gave us these babies and He's gonna take care of us getting them out. :) Kelly

Katy said...

Oh, that looks like fun! What a neat group of girls. :)