It's Like It's 1990 All Over Again

In my last post (over a week ago!), I mentioned that I fit in great with 15 year old girls. Well it's a good thing, because I had a bunch of them staying at my house for the weekend.

Our church had a Disciple Now weekend were 7th through 12 graders stay together at different houses. They do a mission project, have Bible studies, and we meet at the church for a concert and speaker on Friday and Saturday night. I actually went to the same thing when I was in 9th grade too!

On Saturday afternoon we made tie dyed shirts. I had to use one of Marcus's t-shirts so it would fit my belly! I told him he could still use it if he wants.

And we just had to make one for baby Katie too!

We want her to fit in with the cool kids right away!

Isn't that so cute!?

We had the best time this weekend. Today my house is a little too quiet!


littledaisymay said...

I loved Disciple Now when I was in high school :) That tie dyed onesie is so cute!

Ann said...

We never did things like that - it looks like sooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amberdawn said...

Love the onesie! And I love that you are so willing and open to these girls! Dina-I don't know if you will really ever know this side of heaven how tremendous that really is! I needed one of you when I was in high school!

Raelyn said...

Don't buy too many Gerber Onesies. I found that I did not like those as much as Carters.

Kim said...

I have to admit I am a reader of your blog. Do you remember meeting me at Laura's house at the gold party??? Anyway, love you blog and just wanted to say thank you for giving of your time to our students!! I teach 6th grade girls and never, ever thought I would, but what a blessing. Stick around for next year because I will have a 9th grade daughter (Sarah) and she needs good role models! By the way, my youngest is Katie, so LOVE the name for your baby. Except we named her Katherine and now that's she's 11 she asks all the time "why didn't you just name me Katie".

Fabiola said...

You are fitting in perfectly ; ) I love the colors