My Hero, The Rapper, and a Tutu

Those 3 things go together, right?
Tonight Marcus talked to the kids at church about being a fire fighter, because they are learning to pray for the people in their community.

It was so cute and they really had some great questions; What if the fire station catches on fire? And do you like sloppy joe's?

This is Marcus with Lisa, the children's director.

And here he is trying on all his gear for the kids.:

The kids were so sweet and polite and gave Marcus some decorated treat bags to bring to his fire station:

And a Fire Fighter's Bible that they put their thumb prints in:

Right after that gig we ran over to the student building at church for the Big Al concert for the teenagers. He is a Christian rapper and is amazing!

This was the best my little pink camera could do in the dark room. Little Katie is going to come out with some rhythm (or hearing loss) because of this concert.

Speaking of Katie, look what she got in the mail today:

My sweet blogger friend, Staci, sent it to her. She made the tutu herself!
Thanks Staci!
I have a feeling tomorrow won't be near as exciting as today was. Although, I am going to get my nails done and go to the cleaners, so we'll see...


Staci @ FiaBella Photography said...

Aww! So glad you liked it! Wow, I really did send a lot of pink, huh? I know she will be lovely in her tutu! And the "shopping" onesie was just too perfect to pass up. I had the same one for Olivia!

Cat said...

That's so cute Marcus talked to the kids! I was going to see if you were going to the concert but I didn't know if you would want to stand. I don't know how I missed you- I was there but over to the side so I could have room to dance. You were probably up front trying to get on the stage.