The Weekend

Blogging is kind of like living in the dorm again. You have lots of fun girls at the tip of your fingers to ask their advice. Thanks so much for answering my questions from the last post and giving me some great suggestions.

Now I wish we could all borrow clothes and jewelry too!

Look at this super cute sign!

My friend Amanda, who actually did live in the dorm with me and for the rest of college, sent this for Katie's room! I just LOVE it to pieces! I can't wait to decorate her nursery. I just need to know where we are going to live first!!

So this weekend we celebrated my mom's birthday. She doesn't read my blog, so I can tell you that she turned 62!

My mom with Ryan and Morgan.
(Her favorite grandkids until Katie comes!)

Ryan showing us how he can ride his bike like a pro:

My mom on Morgan's scooter:

Don't break a hip lady!

Then on Saturday Marcus and I went to Oklahoma City for him to run the Memorial Marathon on Sunday.

He ran with his friend, David, from the fire department.

They also did an Ironman together 4 years ago! Stud Muffins!

At the finish line!

The marathon started and finished at the OKC bombing memorial. It is beautiful and sad all at the same time.

I think I was more tired than Marcus when it was all over.

Today is Tuesday and he is still a little sore. Our house smells like Icy Hot right now!
I have my 28 week appointment tomorrow! They are doing the glucose test. I was told that "the older moms" usually have the test come back with high blood sugar.
Good thing she wasn't referring to me!


Staci @ FiaBella Photography said...

Aww, the sign is adorable. I'm sure you're ready to get settled in a new home once and for all! I dont think I could ever keep my house spotless enough to have it on the market!

Once piece of advice (not that you asked!) about the glucose test. Drink it with a straw! You have to drink it all in a short time and being so sweet, it's a little much. (mine was orange and tasted like a very sweet, melted orange Popsicle). It's not bad, but the straw really helped to get it down fast without having to taste it too much! Good luck!

laurensmommy said...

LOVE tht sign for Katie!!

I second the advice about the glucose test...only I would recomend just holding your nose and chugging it!! It is so sweet that it will make you feel sorta sick!!

Hope everything goes well!

amberdawn said...

Make sure you don't chew any gum that morning!!! I accidentally did when I was preggo with Dalton, and it came back, and I had to do the all day (seemed like) test!

I thought it tasted like an Orange NeHi-and just gulped it down-ha ha!

Courtney said...

I love the sign! I also really love Marcus' headband, we need a big flower for it like Katie's.

Fabiola said...

The sign is so cute!!!

And your mom is brave, I would end up on the floor if I tried ; )

Katy said...

that sign for little Katie is darling!!! glad you all got to come to okc, you were just an hour and half away from me...:) we didn't attend, but I'm pretty sure we will next year.

Stephanie said...

That sign is PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love reading your blog and found the perfect thing for Katie Belle on etsy.com - it made me think of you!


Amanda said...

I'm so glad you liked the sign! The one on Etsy just had dots in the background, and I asked the artist to make the dots into Peeps (due to your obsession with them). I even sent her to this blog so she could see your style and check to be sure the colors matched your bedding selection.

My advice for the glucose test is to ask for it on ice (or at least VERY cold) that way you can trick yourself into thinking it's just a soda. Holding your nose is also good advice from above.

Take care!