Blogs Make Me a Better Wife

The other day I was on Kelly's Recipe Blog to, once again, get the recipe for Poppy Seed Chicken. It's super easy and I should be able to remember it by now.

Anywhoo, while on her blog I noticed this yummy looking coconut cake. Marcus LOVES coconut cake. So I whipped one up tonight:

It turned out great. You can find the recipe here.
Now you can be a better wife too!


Vanessa said...

I saw that recipe on her site and thought about how awesome it sounded. My hubby hates coconut but that is alright...more for me!

I really need to make poppy seed chicken. I have seen so many people mention it and I have never had it! Might have you make that soon because I am so bored with the same ole same ole ;)

Anonymous said...

I love her blog! Thanks for sharing! P.S I keep meaning to tell you- but you MUST check into an "Angel Care" Monitor for your baby. It is a motion sensor and I couldn't live with out it with our baby! SIDS is scary is this is an extra set of hands making sure she is still breathing at night/ nap time.

Charlotte and Evelyn's Mommy said...

I don't personally know you, but I came across your blog recently and I have enjoyed reading it. I want this cake. I want it more than I've wanted anything in a long, long, time! Looks delcious!

Kelly said...

I made this cake for Scott's family this weekend - they are major coconut cake fans so I wasn't sure if they would like it (they usually have the layered fancy kind) - but they loved it and so did I! :-) So yummy!!!