Celebrate Good Times

Sunday was a day chock full of celebrations!
First, my niece and nephew got married:

Just kidding! This is Texas, not Arkansas! They made their first Communion.

(and for the record I love Arkansas and all their people. It's just too easy not to make a joke)

My sister and her family:

And me, back in the Catholic church since I don't know when:

I grew up Catholic, but now I'm Baptist, but really I'm just a Christian and God doesn't care about labels. In fact, did you know that He hates religion?
Anyway it was all very familiar. And I remember making my first communion too.


Then I got to celebrate the upcoming arrival of baby Kate! My church friend Melissa is about a month ahead of me in her pregnancy. It's good because she can experience everything first and let me know how it goes!
Super cute diaper cake:

And a more edible cake, made by Amanda:

And unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of the guest of honor!
I did get one of me and Elizabeth and our bellies!

She's having a girl too...any day now!

Then that night, I got to celebrate my other niece, Melissa, turning 11!

This is Marcus's sister and her family:

Jennifer, my oldest niece, will be 16 on Friday!

Sadly, Uncle Marcus was fighting fires and saving lives on Sunday and we had to party with out him!

We got to play Minute to Win it!
The first game was to shake ping pong balls from a box tied around your waist.
I wish I had a video, because it was hilarious!

Then Marcus's brother, David, gave it a try:

They wouldn't let me have a turn, because they thought I would shake my baby up! I am pretty sure the belt would not have fit around my waist anyway. I am glad I was spared that humiliation.
I CAN shake what my momma gave me though, so I am sure those ping pong balls didn't have a chance!


Today I am celebrating, because I just got the results from my glucose test and I DON'T have gestational diabetes! (even though I am an "older mom"!) I do however have borderline anemia, so I need to increase my intake of cheeseburgers. I will get right on that!


Dawn said...

Glad to hear no diabetes! And amen to God hating religion! Hope all is well with you!

Schluter said...

We don't do that here in Arkansas! Especially not at first communion ceremonies! haha

Crystal said...

I had low iron too and craved fat burgers. When we were in NYC, I ate one every day. So much for sampling different foods ;-)

O Mom said...

A blessed life! :)
Now go eat meat!!!

The Peanut Paintshop said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! So glad you like the Katie Peep sign:) Your blog is so hilarious. Love your sense of humor and your style! Congrats on your pregnancy. Enjoy motherhood!

Raelyn said...

happy mother's day! Katie Belle is one lucky little girl to have you as her Mommy!