Freedom Isn't Free

Happy Memorial Day!
I am so thankful to those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. And thank you to those of you that have been willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice too.

Fly your flags today!

Our morning started of with Memorial Day pancakes. They are just like regular pancakes, but they felt a little more patriotic this morning.

And this is my view of my "feet"!

I got this red, white and blue dress at Walmart! 12 bucks! I am pretty fancy. It's not maternity, but since it's empire waist it works. I am hoping it will still fit my belly by 4th of July. It's not looking hopeful though.

Speaking of 4th of July. We went to Friday Night Fireworks at Grapevine lake! It's like it's Independance Day every Friday. Love it!

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day!
And remember why we are celebrating!


Amy said...

I saw that dress at Walmart today and thought of this post :) Hope you had a great Memorial Day!

Staci said...

We always say we will get out to Grapevine lake to watch the fireworks as we never do. Maybe this year.

Nice to see people honoring our military. As the wife of a former marine (though "Once a Marine, always a Marine"!) I hold this day in special regard.

Hope you guys had a great weekend. Ours started with pancakes, too!

Dawn said...

Love the dress! Hey, we are going to Grapevine to watch fireworks on Friday night. Where do you recommend we watch from?