Happiness Is...

Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show Us What Makes Your Favorite Things or Things that make you Happy!"

All my Joy comes from God, but these are the things that make me feel happy:

First, my husband. He actually tries every day to make me happy. It's working.

And he is my favorite thing in the world!

We have been married 10 1/2 years and it's been a very happy and fun marriage.

Being pregnant makes me very happy! When I think back to the night I took this test and it said "pregnant" I still can't help but laugh. We still can't believe it!

Of course I am happy to have such a great family. And they all live close too!
This is Marcus's family:

And my family:

My friends make me very happy!

This is Courtney and Anna.

I have lots of other fantastic friends too, but they are all being represented in this by this one "friend" picture.

Now on to the more shallow things:

Birthdays and butter cream icing = HAPPY!

This says it all:

I have always told Marcus that I would rather have a Coke Slurpee than a diamond bracelet.

Christmas and decorating for Christmas makes me happy. I start thinking about it in July!

It's my favorite holiday!

Going to Friday night fireworks in Grapevine all summer is happiness. And guess what? They start again tonight!!!

Anything colorful makes me happy.

This is my back patio:

Flowers are just happy!

And you can't not be happy with a fire in the fireplace.

And this is my all time favorite picture:

Courtney, Stephen, me and Marcus on the Crazy Mouse at the Texas State Fair in 2007.
We were scared, but very happy at the same time. OK, Marcus wasn't scared, but the rest of us were. It made for a great picture though!

You guys make me happy too. I always get the sweetest and most encouraging comments. You will never know how much I appreciate that!

I hope you have a happy weekend full of your favorite things!


Unknown said...

I love your bright colorful style! Is there a way to get in touch with you? Could you email me, please: tdmnjmk at gmail? I have an idea -- and a question for you. (I pinky swear that I'm legit and not some crazy scammer or spammer!) THANKS

Kristina said...

Oh. my. goodness. I love your patio!!! I also begin thinking about decorating for Christmas in July. Actually, I've begun thinking about thinking about decorating for Christmas in July. :) Have fun at fireworks tonight! I LOVE FIREWORKS.

Tricia Nae said...

I LOVE coke slurpees too!! How could I forget those? And...I can not wait for the day I get to see a "pregnant" test. I'm happy just thinking about that day!!

Clementsville: Population of 5! said...

You just cracked me up.. I LOVE your sense of humor!

Vanessa said...

I dont think I have had a coke slurpee in my life! I guess I must be missing out! haha

Heather said...

I love your list!! COngrats on being pregnant!! We share so many of the same things, I love fresh flowers too!! Such cute pictures of your family!

Unknown said...

You two look so happy in your photos. Congratulations.
What a terrific list. You and your family have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

colleen said...

Its true its the little things in life that bring me true joy! A blizzard from DQ is close to the same as a diamond gift for me!! Congrats on your baby!! And I love your decorating style!!

Kimberley said...

hi there,
i made your lemonade pie and that made me very happy! :)

Congratulations on the baby! I'm due 6/23 with baby #2. Here's to healthy deliveries and babies!

Take care,