Lemonade Pie

Since it's getting kind of steamy outside, I thought it was time for some lemonade pie!
(it's sitting on Katie's high chair, because she's the one that was really craving it!)
It is a SUPER easy recipe I got from my mother in law.
Mix 1 tub of cool whip
1 can of Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk
and 6 oz of lemonade (or you can use limeade too)
After it is mixed together, put it in a baked pie shell and freeze it overnight.
(it's your business if you want to slave and make your own pie crust or use Marie Callendars)
I always make 2 at a time, because...well just because that's how I've always done it. Since you put it in the freezer anyway, it doesn't go bad.
Let's be honest. It's gone in just a few days anyway, so it doesn't have time to go bad.


laurensmommy said...

I have this same recipe and it is a summer must-have! (well, an anytime must-have really..it's SO good!)

I put mine in a graham cracker crust, though, and it tastes sort of like cheesecake or key lime pie. Yummmy!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing!!! That sounds so good! Easy too! I'm not much of a cook. lol!

Lauren said...

Sounds like HEAVEN! I'm trying this...and will end up eating the entire pie...hmmmm...I'll take your advice and make 2! :)

Ann said...

I just put it in the freezer!!! Thanks for the recipe - I LOVE LOVE LOVE lemons and think this will be a new family favorite!!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

I am totally making this at my next opportunity!

Linda said...

Dina, thanks for the reminder of this pie.....as a newlywed 38 yrs. ago, I made it all the time....it is yummy and so easy!