Showered With Love

I had my first baby shower yesterday with all my church friends! It was SO MUCH FUN!

My friend, Anna, had it at her house and she went all out! Everything was decorated so cute!
Look at this cutest cake in the whole world!

It was a shame to cut into it, but it was delicious too.

This cake was cute too, but I am sure not as delicious as the other one:

My hostesses know me so well. In addition to the "adult" shower food, they also included peanut m&m's and powdered donuts!

I don't really have a sophisticated palette.

Isn't it sad that I hardly got any gifts...

At first I thought I would be embarrassed to open gifts, but I got over that real quick. Katie got so many cute things. Everyone was so generous!

Me and Tori:

I don't think my belly looks that big in real life. It's just the camera, right?

The hostesses with the mostesses:

Courtney, Anna, Me, Catherine, and Laura

Me and my mom:

This will be her third grand child. But it will the first in almost 8 years. We are all ready to have another baby around.

Me and Laura:

She has already gotten me some of the cutest things for Katie.

Anna, Me, Tori in front of Anna's cute house:

It was such a fun day. I appreciate everyone that came and celebrated this baby.
And the best part is, I get to do it again next week with my family and old friends!


Stephanie said...

I am so bummed I couldn't come, but I will have to come over one day and bring you Katie's gift!

Kelly said...

I am SOOOO glad you left me a comment tonight. I lost all my links recently and I could NOT find your blog. And I've been wanting to keep up with your baby girl and here you are already have precious showers! SOOOOOO fun!

amberdawn said...

How fun!!! You look adorable by the way! Hey is Tori back, or was she just visiting for your shower?

Erin said...

Wow, that cake looks incredible. Looks like it was a wonderful day!