Another weekend, another shower. Katie and I are getting spoiled!

This shower was for family and old friends. And that's who hosted it too.
It was held at my sister in law Lisa's house. These are my hostesses: Lisa, Marcus's sister Pam, my sister Kelly, and my oldest friend Kara.

They had everything decorated so cute. The theme was Cherries and Cupcakes!

My nieces were great helpers at the shower and they couldn't be cuter in their cupcake hats and aprons!

This is my friend, Kara, and me. We have known each other since 2nd grade!

She made the fabulous cupcakes and cake stand.

This is Sharon and Suzanne. Sharon is the sister of my friend, James, who I have known since 7th grade and Suzanne is his wife. They have become great friends too.

My sister made these little party favors for the guests:

I have a talented and crafty family!

Keri, Me, Amy

They are long time friends too. Keri and I went to Jr High together and Amy and I met in high school and then were college roommates all 4 years at Tech. Good times.

Everyone was so generous and I got some of the most fun girly things you have ever seen!

Since our house is still on the market and we are not sure where this baby's home is going to be, everything goes to my mom's house.

This is when I was showing Marcus all our loot! He mentioned something about adding an addition to Katie's room.

OK, look at all these cute head bands with flowers and bows! And my mom made the little crocheted hats.

This is what makes having a girl so stinkin' exciting!

My mom also made this afghan for Katie. I LOVE it!
My friend Brooke gave me a monogrammed diaper bag. Can you believe it's Katie's first monogrammed thing?! So cute! (how many times do you think I can use cute as an adjective?)

We feel very blessed to have such great friends and family in our life. And we are so touched how excited they are about this baby too. She is already such a blessing. I can't wait to meet her!


Staci @ FiaBella Photography said...

Wow girl! You hit the jackpot! Or should I say the "mother" load! Haha! You are truly blessed in many ways. So happy for you. Girls are pretty fun!

BTW, I "unprivatized" (if that's a word) my family blog, so stop by sometime


Vanessa said...

Oh seeing you and your showers is getting me excited for mine! But you are right, there is just more cute accessories and things to get excited over with a girl. Now that we are having a boy I kinda feel bad for him! haha

You look fabulous mama!

kimert said...

Looks like Katie Belle is going to be dressed to the nines! What an awesome shower! You look radiant! :)

ty said...

I absolutely love the theme and the colors! Too, too cute.

amberdawn said...

Absolutely adorable!!!! I am loving the cupcake and cherries theme! Also, what is Amy's last name-cause I am trying to remember how I know her.... My brain hurts I have been thinking so hard!

amberdawn said...

Oh wait!!!! I just figured it out! Her son Mason and Dalton were in pre-school together for 2 years! They were "best friends" back then! Ha-I knew my brain would kick into gear!