Looney Tunes

That's me. I feel loony.
It's just too much to deal with! Remodeling, moving, BABY. And I have that constant reminder on the side of my blog saying how many days I have left. It's in the 20's people! AND that's only if Katie decides to cook full term. She really could come anytime! Am I being dramatic?

Something positive is that my hall bathroom is painted and I LOVE the color. It's called Spaqua!

Ignore the fact that it doesn't have a toilet or sinks. At least it's a pretty color!

This room, on the other hand, makes me a little sick to my stomach. I agonized over what Khaki paint to get, because they can come out so different from the little sample card. I thought I was being really safe, because I went with a Waverly color called KHAKI. Well in 2 of my rooms it totally looks purpleish! ugh!

This is the sitting room/ office. I am pretty sure I am going to repaint it today or tomorrow. We can't afford to pay the painters to paint the same room twice! I really really really don't feel like painting though. I know it will be easier to get done now, before floors and furniture are put in though!

I did make them paint this laundry room twice. First it was red, but looked orange, because they didn't use the gray primer I bought.

So now it's going to be PINK!

It still needs another coat. And those kitchen cabinets are black now. I still need to do some touch up today, but yesterday my sister and Marcus's sister helped me paint them.

Then tomorrow the tile guy is coming and we are getting black and white checker board tile in the kitchen, laundry, and the pretty blue bathroom!

This is going to be Katie's room. She is getting a new light fixture as we speak. Or as we type and read.

And the painters are still not nearly finished. The main guy's wife was supposed to have a baby this weekend. Well they have been trying to start contractions all week with that gel stuff and then induced her on Sunday and She is STILL holding on to that baby!
So we are waiting...but I am pretty sure his wife is more anxious to get that baby out than I am for my painting to get done.

It's close though!


Only 6 Months Left...

'til Christmas!

I love to decorate for Christmas and I usually start thinking about it in July. This July I will be preoccupied with other things, I think.

It will be fun to decorate a new house for Christmas this year though!

I am sure it will be much more challenging this season to get everything decorated AND take care of a baby!

Next year Katie will be old enough to get into all the trees, so I need to go all out this year.

I wish I could just lay in that snow for 5 minutes right now!

Dawn told me that Hobby Lobby had some Christmas stuff already on the shelves! I had to see for myself!

Please don't be a grinchy scrooge and complain about Christmas merchandise being out too early. For stores, it's the time when they make most of their money. AND when you put out as much stuff as HL it takes A LOT of time. Believe me, if you wait until after Thanksgiving to buy your decorations, it will be slim pickings!

Today I beaded a chandelier to go into my new kitchen!

It's just like the one I have in my kitchen now. I got it from Ikea and just wrapped beads around it. Easy Peasy.
The painters are at the new house today and said they can finish up by tomorrow! We weren't expecting them to be able to work this weekend, so I am excited.
I hope all the colors I picked work well together. It's hard to pick out the whole house at once. When I was over there they were painting the laundry room. I picked red for that room, but it kind of looks orange. Hopefully with the second coat it will look red. My stomach kind of hurts now. I need to take my own advice and remember, Paint is not permanent! It can be changed.
I just don't have time to change it!

I'll share new pictures this weekend!



This room doesn't look like this anymore:

It looks like this:

I am trying to get things packed up and ready for the move. I have no idea when that will be...but I wan to be ready.

The pile of fabric on the corner of the bed is already made curtain panels for the new house. My sister in law, mother in law and sister helped me make them the other day. I had my own little sweat shop going. We still have a few more to go.

And this:

Is now this:

And the new house is coming along too.

These pictures were taken a couple of days ago, so it looks a teensy bit better. This is the new wall we put up. It is now textured and will be painted soon.

This is the wall we cut open:

And another new wall, kind of:

Our painter's wife is having a baby this weekend, so things are on hold for a couple of days.
Things will start taking shape after the paint is on the walls. Then the floors can go in.

Marcus has done things like fix the sprinkler system, make a gas line to the kitchen and laundry room, prepare floors for tile, and stuff like that.
Those things don't make pretty blog pictures though!

Meanwhile it has been 100 degrees here and this is what we feel like doing:

Somebody needs to groom that poor dog.
We went to the doctor yesterday and she estimates that Katie weighs 6 lbs and 9 oz. She is still breach and I have a c-section scheduled on her due date. I'll be honest, a c-section is sounding good to me. I think I will handle it better. I just had my strep B test done yesterday and nearly flew off the table! And I am pretty sure my baby is going to be bigger than a Q-tip!

All I care about right now is that she doesn't come early! We don't have time! We just have 27 days left to get this house livable. And really livable to me is having it totally decorated with everything put away.
Do you think it will happen?


Baby Showers...The Final Chapter

I had my fourth and final baby shower on Friday night. This one was hosted by the girls from Golightly's and shared with Jenn. She is due with a boy 2 weeks after me.
It was so fun to have a joint shower!
Jenn, Jennifer (the shower was at her house), Me, Susan, and Janet (Jennifer's mom and the owner of Golightly's)

Everything was decorated so cute!

The best part was the food!

Jennifer owned the tearoom at Golightly's until April and she and I worked together there. She made all my favorites for the shower. Yummy quiche, chicken salad, and lots of desserts! I miss that food!

I had to get some other pictures of her house to share with you, because it is so stinkin' cute!
Have you ever seen a gingham painted dining room?

And fun animal print stairs?

And these are her girls' rooms:

Just for the record, her husband is a manly man and is OK with all the pink. Real men are. He's a fire fighter too AND was a Navy SEAL!
Thanks girls for a fantastic shower.
It was so much fun!


Happy Father's Day!

I hope you all had a great Father's Day!

I consider this Marcus's first Father's Day. The baby is not officially here yet...but he is the reason I get to be a mom!

So let's talk about my baby daddy...
He's a Christian, a fireman, a deacon, an Ironman, a marathoner, a super hard worker, really funny, doesn't lie...ever (don't ask him if this makes your butt look big unless you want to know), he's super disciplined, has lots of integrity, a servant, always puts me and my needs first, a super good cook, a very thoughtful gift giver, a faithful friend, and he will be a fantastic dad to Katie!
Here are some pictures of her crazy dad:

This is him in the Doctor's office while we were waiting to find out the gender of our sweet baby.

Several years ago my friend Anna let us babysit Jackson:

I think this was the last time we were allowed to be around him unattended.

Here are Marcus and Stephen at our Ugly Christmas sweater party:

Can't you just picture an elementary school teacher wearing that vest with her denim skirt, turtleneck and keds?

Here's Marcus parking someone else's jet ski in the dirt!

He's lots of fun to be around. I'm glad he's my roommate, best friend, husband, and father of my child!

And I have a really great, fun dad too:

This is the only picture I got today when we cooked out at my parent's house. Marcus's whole family came too. It was a fun day. Too bad it's not documented!!!

Happy Father's Day Men!

( I am pretty sure no men read this blog)


House Stuff

Some progress is being made. No thanks to me!

An opening was made between the dining room and living room:

And a new wall is being put up between the living room and hallway. Otherwise it was like going up on stage to go to the bathroom!

One of my stained glass windows is going to be inset into that middle space on top of the wall. The other two sides will be square openings for something...I'm not sure what yet.
Here is the before picture of the bathroom too:

We are taking down the wall paper and putting in new tile, getting new light fixtures, and I am going to put a dresser between the 2 pedestal sinks. The bathroom is huge, but has no storage.

And we added a little half wall between the kitchen and living room:
"We", meaning Marcus.

I wanted to paint the living room and kitchen different colors, but the wall didn't stop between them. It had these little columns there instead.

They are gone now.

Something I can take credit for, is going to the fabric store yesterday and buying 1 ton of fabric for curtains!
I better get on that project!
I see lots of stitch witchery in my future, because I don't really know how to sew!