This room doesn't look like this anymore:

It looks like this:

I am trying to get things packed up and ready for the move. I have no idea when that will be...but I wan to be ready.

The pile of fabric on the corner of the bed is already made curtain panels for the new house. My sister in law, mother in law and sister helped me make them the other day. I had my own little sweat shop going. We still have a few more to go.

And this:

Is now this:

And the new house is coming along too.

These pictures were taken a couple of days ago, so it looks a teensy bit better. This is the new wall we put up. It is now textured and will be painted soon.

This is the wall we cut open:

And another new wall, kind of:

Our painter's wife is having a baby this weekend, so things are on hold for a couple of days.
Things will start taking shape after the paint is on the walls. Then the floors can go in.

Marcus has done things like fix the sprinkler system, make a gas line to the kitchen and laundry room, prepare floors for tile, and stuff like that.
Those things don't make pretty blog pictures though!

Meanwhile it has been 100 degrees here and this is what we feel like doing:

Somebody needs to groom that poor dog.
We went to the doctor yesterday and she estimates that Katie weighs 6 lbs and 9 oz. She is still breach and I have a c-section scheduled on her due date. I'll be honest, a c-section is sounding good to me. I think I will handle it better. I just had my strep B test done yesterday and nearly flew off the table! And I am pretty sure my baby is going to be bigger than a Q-tip!

All I care about right now is that she doesn't come early! We don't have time! We just have 27 days left to get this house livable. And really livable to me is having it totally decorated with everything put away.
Do you think it will happen?


The Stain Family said...

YES!! haha...you seem like a "make it happen" kind of gal. :) Besides, there's no better motivation than "there's a baby ON the way!" I'm always glad I pushed myself to get things done BEFORE the boy's arrived. Then I just sat back, relaxed, and soaked in every second of their newborn self!

Vanessa said...

I feel overwhelmed with having a new baby in the house and I don't have anything close to what you have to get done! I hope and pray you get it all set up before she makes her big arrival! I am sure it is going to look incredible when you are done!

I have a scheduled c-section this time around too. I ended up getting one with my daughter because she was too big so I know exactly what you mean ;)

Lisa said...

Wow! In my last weeks of pregnancy (and I never even made it within 2 weeks of my due date), I could barely function, let alone decorate a whole house! Can't wait to see the final results, I've loved browsing your blog and looking at the wonderful style of your current home. Makes me want to adopt a more whimsical style!

Frugal Jen said...

Wait Katie wait for mommy to get your house all ready! Since it's your first there is a good chance you will go to your due date maybe even past... but you might have a 10 pound baby.

I am amazed at how fast you are making progress at the new house. Your husband is working hard!

Mrs.D said...

Can't wait to see pics of your new house all done up! Wishing you lots of luck on Katie staying put until just the right time. I'm sure it will all work out just right.

laurensmommy said...

Hoping the timing works out...but remember, all that Katie will need when she first comes home is a place to sleep, diapers and clothes...and I'm sure you have plenty of those! (Plus she will be happy to sleep in all your family's arms!!)

The house is looking great- can't wait to see it when you have it all decorated! :)

O Mom said...

Praying for you that everything goes smoothly with the houses!! And little baby girl stays put until her due date! Loving the remodel pics. so far!

Nicole said...

Can't wait to see the new house!!! Hang in there these last few weeks!

Alicia {Murry Mayhem} said...

I'm so excited for you! New house, new baby...I can't wait to see them both!

Farris Family said...

o I am so sad to see you packing up all your pretties! I know the new house will be just as cute! I guess I have a sentimental attachment to this house hahah! Can't wait to see the new house and Baby Katie! Stay cool!

kaydubya said...

You can do it! You have already done so much already!

lucinda said...

I moved to Texas one month ago - 100 degrees? Is that all? Feels much hotter! ;)
A c-section is the most civilized way to have a baby - i've done it both ways - and i'd choose a c-section over the alternative!!
Good Luck getting the house ready!

Fabiola said...

I do feel overwhelmed for you. I am praying little Ktie stay quiet until her due date. I can't wait to see her nursery ;)