Happy Father's Day!

I hope you all had a great Father's Day!

I consider this Marcus's first Father's Day. The baby is not officially here yet...but he is the reason I get to be a mom!

So let's talk about my baby daddy...
He's a Christian, a fireman, a deacon, an Ironman, a marathoner, a super hard worker, really funny, doesn't lie...ever (don't ask him if this makes your butt look big unless you want to know), he's super disciplined, has lots of integrity, a servant, always puts me and my needs first, a super good cook, a very thoughtful gift giver, a faithful friend, and he will be a fantastic dad to Katie!
Here are some pictures of her crazy dad:

This is him in the Doctor's office while we were waiting to find out the gender of our sweet baby.

Several years ago my friend Anna let us babysit Jackson:

I think this was the last time we were allowed to be around him unattended.

Here are Marcus and Stephen at our Ugly Christmas sweater party:

Can't you just picture an elementary school teacher wearing that vest with her denim skirt, turtleneck and keds?

Here's Marcus parking someone else's jet ski in the dirt!

He's lots of fun to be around. I'm glad he's my roommate, best friend, husband, and father of my child!

And I have a really great, fun dad too:

This is the only picture I got today when we cooked out at my parent's house. Marcus's whole family came too. It was a fun day. Too bad it's not documented!!!

Happy Father's Day Men!

( I am pretty sure no men read this blog)


Katy said...

You are so sweet to blog about Father's Day...I normally would have, but my blogging mind has been put on hold for a while (I'm waiting for my mojo to come back).
Anyway, looks like progress is being made in your new home...I bet it feels good to have stuff going on there.

You asked if we have come up w/ a name yet.......NO, we're still picking and selecting, but thanks for asking. For some reason we're running out of good family (last names) names to use for this babe. :)

The Gereckes said...

This post makes me laugh! I love the pictures of Jackson...especially the spanking one...SO funny :) And the terrible sweaters...oh man. Glad you're doing good...can't wait to see what all you do to the new house! Seriously, come to Portugal sometime and help me out :)

Resisting Perfection said...

How sweet that you celebrated Father's Day with your hubby. I think the same, once you are pregnant, they are already Daddies just like we are Mommies!