House Stuff

Some progress is being made. No thanks to me!

An opening was made between the dining room and living room:

And a new wall is being put up between the living room and hallway. Otherwise it was like going up on stage to go to the bathroom!

One of my stained glass windows is going to be inset into that middle space on top of the wall. The other two sides will be square openings for something...I'm not sure what yet.
Here is the before picture of the bathroom too:

We are taking down the wall paper and putting in new tile, getting new light fixtures, and I am going to put a dresser between the 2 pedestal sinks. The bathroom is huge, but has no storage.

And we added a little half wall between the kitchen and living room:
"We", meaning Marcus.

I wanted to paint the living room and kitchen different colors, but the wall didn't stop between them. It had these little columns there instead.

They are gone now.

Something I can take credit for, is going to the fabric store yesterday and buying 1 ton of fabric for curtains!
I better get on that project!
I see lots of stitch witchery in my future, because I don't really know how to sew!


Resisting Perfection said...

We have that same fabric (the pink and brown stripe one) in our daughter's nursery aa drapes. It's so pretty! Good luck on the house work ;)

Frugal Jen said...

Great choice on fabric! We've got some of those fabrics too.

Enjoy watching the progress of your new home!

Since I am able to leave the house now I think a girls trip to Brownstone Village is due... before the babies arrive.

Jennifer said...

How exciting! I LOVE your interior decorating style!!

Jill said...

the fabric is darling and the progress looks great. i do know how to sew (kind of-ha) and curtains still scare me. have you ever checked out thenester.com? she does lots of "mistreatments" that might work for you. (no sewing required)

Miss G said...

I linked to you today. :) Kelly