Only 6 Months Left...

'til Christmas!

I love to decorate for Christmas and I usually start thinking about it in July. This July I will be preoccupied with other things, I think.

It will be fun to decorate a new house for Christmas this year though!

I am sure it will be much more challenging this season to get everything decorated AND take care of a baby!

Next year Katie will be old enough to get into all the trees, so I need to go all out this year.

I wish I could just lay in that snow for 5 minutes right now!

Dawn told me that Hobby Lobby had some Christmas stuff already on the shelves! I had to see for myself!

Please don't be a grinchy scrooge and complain about Christmas merchandise being out too early. For stores, it's the time when they make most of their money. AND when you put out as much stuff as HL it takes A LOT of time. Believe me, if you wait until after Thanksgiving to buy your decorations, it will be slim pickings!

Today I beaded a chandelier to go into my new kitchen!

It's just like the one I have in my kitchen now. I got it from Ikea and just wrapped beads around it. Easy Peasy.
The painters are at the new house today and said they can finish up by tomorrow! We weren't expecting them to be able to work this weekend, so I am excited.
I hope all the colors I picked work well together. It's hard to pick out the whole house at once. When I was over there they were painting the laundry room. I picked red for that room, but it kind of looks orange. Hopefully with the second coat it will look red. My stomach kind of hurts now. I need to take my own advice and remember, Paint is not permanent! It can be changed.
I just don't have time to change it!

I'll share new pictures this weekend!


Ben and Audrey said...

you are truly a woman after my own heart. i can. not. wait. until Christmas!! we are moving in august into an apartment & then moving again in the spring into our very first home, that we will actually own! so this year, i won't go as crazy but i'm still excited. let me just tell you that Christmas gets even sweeter after you have a baby. you will love experiencing it through her eyes!

i love the beaded chandelier. i need to do that myself. i'll be coming to you for pointers! hope you are feeling well!

Brittany said...

can't wait to see more pics!!! love seeing before & after pics. chandelier is super cute. i'm burning up only 20 wks preg in MS, i know you are probably past miserable!

Brittany said...

i need to pick up a bella band. it definitely might make things more comfortable!!!

Brittany said...

Haha! You crack me up :) I am totally a Grinchy Scrooge I guess.... I can't stand to see Christmas stuff until after thanksgiving:)

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

We have the same comforter as your pink one! And I also have it on a metal bed- only it is in green:


Did you buy it from Dillards?

Embrace31 said...

Woah! I love this! YOU have a FABULOUS house. I've always dreamed of having a tree in every room! Now, I don't feel so silly!
This year will be the year for me to be able to do that and the boys are excited too! I have five boys.
We have the two olders sharing a room. They love Star Wars and Veggie Tales. The two middle boys share a room and love dinosaurs. And then there's the baby. His nursery is a rock star type theme.

We have a tradition where each boy gets his choice of an orniment. We have so pretty silly ones. But, I write their name and year purchased on the ornimant. I will give them to them when they get married. Hopefully their wives will love it as much as I did!

Anyway, we have all the first Christmas orniments that will go on the nursery tree. And then the other ones that they've picked out will go on the tree in their room.

Wow! Can you tell I love Christmas too? I'm sorry I just posted a comment so long. But, I couldn't help it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful space and to all who commented before me. I can't wait to check out your blog links!
PS I am a HORRIBLE speller. Forgive me!

amberdawn said...

I think I am Grinchy too! I just think here in Texas, I can't start thinking about Christmas when it is sooooo hot! But, I will probably check out Hobby Lobby this next couple of weeks to see if I need to snag anything up!!! Love the beading-girl You did good!

LV Cyp said...

I can't wait to see pictures!!! I started following your blog because the pictures of your house were the most amazing thing I have ever seen!! You have great taste!!!

Katy said...

I love love love Christmas, but never really go out too much as far as decorations go. I know my kids would LOVE it. Maybe I should try working on that a little harder. :)

Fabiola said...

I wish we had Christmas decoration out this early on the year. Down here it starts around mid September ; )