Gone Fishin'

Well I took pictures today of the new house just for you! Then I left my camera there! Whoops.

Tomorrow is moving day, so my computer is about to be unplugged. We can't get service at the new house until next Tuesday! That means no tv too, people! I know I have plenty to keep me busy, but the Bachelorette finale is on Monday! I won't be missing that!
So I guess I will be taking a bloggy break for a week. Unless I borrow a computer or AT&T shows us some compassion!
Have a lovely week and if you don't mind pray our move goes smoothly. We are so ready to get settled and just enjoy this baby!



Today was our first major outing. We have gone somewhere everyday, but today was for real. We went to an Air Force retirement party. The reception was at a restaurant. So I got my first taste of breast feeding in a public bathroom. I did not enjoy it.
We were gone about 5 hours and I am exhausted!

This picture has no significance. It's just cute. I love her cheeks and crazy bed head. She is always laying on one or both arms.

And we got a swing! I LOVE the swing, because Katie loves the swing.

It keeps her content for a long time.
For those of you that are sick of baby pics, I will try to have some new house pictures soon. We will be moved in by Tuesday! Can't wait!


A Quickie

How does something so tiny suck up all your time?

I don't mind a bit though. Katie is so much fun!

So I only have a second to share some pics.

This is Marcus's fireman friend, Warren. He came by for a visit. Tomorrow he is retiring from the Air Force. So that will be Katie's first party!

And lots of sweet people from church have been bringing us delicious meals. Wednesday night some of the girls from my class came by with chicken spaghetti. YUM.

It was so good to see them too. Aren't they cute?!

We've been working at the new house today. A lot of stuff is moved over there. And it's starting to take shape. It is so frustrating to not be able to do anything. I am dying to get everything hung on the walls and decorated. Our families have been the hugest help.
If you read this tonight, say a prayer that Katie sleeps good and long. Her mommy needs it!


What's Happening

I went to the new house for the first time since coming home from the hospital. It is really coming along. We will be living there by next week. I can't wait to just have one house and have my husband back too. He has been super busy over there!

This is the entry. I still need to get a new light fixture. The gold is not working for me.

The walls are pink and the ceiling is green. I am standing in what will be the dining room.

All the wood floors are done and the base boards and trim are in too. They were all getting painted today.

This is the breakfast nook in the kitchen looking into the sitting room/office.
I hung some things last week. I am so glad I did that, because now I am pretty useless.

Today Marcus and my dad took out the appliances and counter tops. I think the new stuff is going in tomorrow.

And lots of you keep asking to see the nursery.

Well, here it is:

Beautiful, huh?

I can't wait to get this thing decorated. Katie didn't seem to mind though. Today was her first time to see her new house.

It's too bad she can't relax:

This is Katie at her first trip to Walmart yesterday after her doctor's appointment:

Today we went to Target, but I didn't get a picture.

And this is her getting her first bath. We can't dunk her until her belly button thing-a-ma-jig comes off.

And this is Katie going to her first Sunday lunch at Aunt Lisa and Uncle David's house.
Her cousin made her a Welcome sign:

She's had quite the active social life so far!


Katie's Story

My C-Section is scheduled for this Thursday. Katie didn't get the memo. Tuesday morning, the 13th, I woke up feeling crampy and blah. Marcus was leaving for work and I told him to keep his phone close. After a couple of hours of feeling yuck, I called the dr. and they had me come in and get checked. I wasn't dilated at all. They said when the contractions are 5 minutes apart go to the hospital.
So I worked at the new house the whole day. Courtney, Laura, and Jennifer all helped me take car loads of stuff over there. I was not much help at all. I felt like I couldn't carry anything and I just hurt.
So I started taking notice of the "cramps" and realized they were worse about every 15 minutes. After 2 hours of this I thought they could possibly be contractions. I kept convincing myself it wasn't labor since I had just been to the dr. that morning. Finally around 8:00 pm Marcus and I both decided he should come home just in case. Even if it wasn't labor, I was in too much pain to be by myself.
After he got home they were every 10 minutes and even more intense. I had time to shower and pack things up, empty the dishwasher, fold clothes...important stuff like that. Oh, and we had to take one last picture too.

The mantle is already at the new house, so the fire place looks nekkid.


I felt silly going to the hospital and then being transported by a wheel chair. I just felt like I was pretending to be in labor, but then another contraction hit!
Here they have me hooked up to a monitor measuring contractions and the baby's heartbeat.

I still wasn't dilated, so the dr wasn't going to come in that night to deliver Katie.
Then, the contractions were every 5 minutes and horrible! Terrible intense pain for the next 12 hours. There were too many c-sections scheduled for in the morning so I had to wait until noon. It was a little nightmarish. Now it seems like that was years ago!
Here I am walking to my surgery. I am smiling, because I know I am about to get a spinal block and I can't wait. I was really scared of having a c-section, but after being in labor, I was just ready for them to cut me open!

Then, TA-DA, a baby!

She looks super confused and is not sure what just happened to her!

Then we had lots of visitors:
my sister and her kids

my mom

(who just started reading this blog yesterday. I guess I finally have a subject she is interested in)

Marcus's mom

Nieces and nephew





Marcus and Katie spent a lot of time doing this:

And Marcus also had to feed her formula for her 2nd feeding, because I was so out of it. I couldn't even hold her.

And this is us heading home on Saturday!

The last few days at home have been great. She is a good baby and eats well. She cries at night, but I guess babies have to cry sometime. We love her.

Thanks for all your well wishes and for being so excited with us!


Something Cool

picture from the Dallas Morning News

A month or so ago, Jamie Knodel, from The Dallas Morning News, asked if she could do a story on our house. Well that story came out in the paper yesterday. It's pretty exciting. Not as exciting as bringing home your very own baby, but close.
Thanks Jamie!
*You can click under the picture in the article to see more pics of the house.



I have a baby!!!

Katie was born July 14th at 12:27 pm
7 pounds 5 ounces
20 inches long

My view of Marcus:

We just got home

I'll tell you all the details after I take a long nap!



This was my dad and Marcus last night staining the floors! Yippee. They are officially done, but I don't have an official picture yet. It stinks over there and I can't walk on them for 24 hours.
They don't look that dark in real life.

And here is the guest room with some stuff in it. It's kind of my staging area of all my decorating things. Now that all the floors are done I can start putting things in other rooms too.

I did start to decorate the tops of my kitchen cabinets:

And I got these cute knobs at Hobby Lobby for only $1.50 each!

It's hard to tell from the flash, but they are white with green polka dots.
The tile is done now too, the appliances are at our house, but in the garage, and the outside of the house started to get painted today!

I am starting to feel like we might, possibly, be able to finish this project!

Now I need to get ready to watch the Bachelorette! I think it's going to be pretty dramatic tonight!



First a house update:

The carpet is in the bedrooms. Yay! I started carrying things over to the house today since I had a floor to put it on now.

This is the guest room:

This is Katie's room:

And Marcus and my dad have laid most of the wood floors:

They should be all in, stained, and sealed by Monday!

And all the tile is laid, but just needs to be grouted. That will happen on Monday too.

And we ordered all our appliances yesterday and they will also be in on Monday. I guess Monday will kind of feel like Christmas!
I did get a front load washer and dryer! I always had my heart set on red, but since my laundry room is pink, I just couldn't do it. So I got silver. They look kind of space shipish. And, something that is even more exciting, is that we got a double oven! I am not a huge cook, but we have people over a lot, and make a lot of food. Now that I think about it, I wonder how often we will be entertaining since we are about to have a baby?!

Which leads me into a baby update:
Katie will be here in less then 2 weeks! I can't even believe it. With the remodel and the move, a baby is the last thing on my mind right now! We went to the Dr yesterday and I am not dilated at all. Good girl...stay put for now! We need all the time we can get. She is still breach, so I will still have a c-section. I am totally fine with that.
I have been feeling pretty good considering I am about to pop. I have been super busy at the house doing projects and stuff. Sometimes it catches up with me and I feel like I am carrying around a bowling ball that is about to fall out. It makes me waddle like a real pregnant lady.
Today when I was at Walmart, I could barely shuffle along. At the check out I dropped the Cheese Nips on the ground. I thought it was too much effort to bend over and pick them up. Then I wised up and knew it was totally worth it.
Guess what?! Those Cheese Nips are all gone now.


The 4th!

I hope you all had a happy 4th of July! My house is half way packed up, so this is the only decoration I had out. This is what my house looked like last year.

I haven't done a belly pic in a while and it's GIANT!

I never know how big it is until I see it in a picture!

Blue wanted in on the action too.

Yesterday we went to church, worked on the new house a tiny bit, then cooked out at my brother-in-law's house.

I was already wondering who could watch Katie next year so we can go see fireworks.

I love them!

And the new house is s-l-o-w-l-y coming along:

The black and white tile got started.

I love it so far!

Marcus has started working on the wood floors too. And we ordered carpet today for the bedrooms and it will be installed Wednesday. So everything is just partially done, nothing totally finished yet!

I need a magic wand!