Gone Fishin'

Well I took pictures today of the new house just for you! Then I left my camera there! Whoops.

Tomorrow is moving day, so my computer is about to be unplugged. We can't get service at the new house until next Tuesday! That means no tv too, people! I know I have plenty to keep me busy, but the Bachelorette finale is on Monday! I won't be missing that!
So I guess I will be taking a bloggy break for a week. Unless I borrow a computer or AT&T shows us some compassion!
Have a lovely week and if you don't mind pray our move goes smoothly. We are so ready to get settled and just enjoy this baby!


Frugal Jen said...

Yeah for moving and getting settled in!

If you need some internet time I'm down the road and sitting at home until Saturday (then baby should come). You could always come visit we'd love to see Katie.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!

Staci said...

Good luck with everything. I know how you must be suffering without Internet. That's what these dance schmancy cell phones are for! How did I live before this? Haha!

Looking forward to more pics of the house and Katie!

Tammy said...

I can't go a WEEK without you!!!

Hautemama said...

Good luck with the move. I can't wait to see the new house and all of the wonderful colors!

Hautemama said...

I nominated you for a blog award ;)!