A Quickie

How does something so tiny suck up all your time?

I don't mind a bit though. Katie is so much fun!

So I only have a second to share some pics.

This is Marcus's fireman friend, Warren. He came by for a visit. Tomorrow he is retiring from the Air Force. So that will be Katie's first party!

And lots of sweet people from church have been bringing us delicious meals. Wednesday night some of the girls from my class came by with chicken spaghetti. YUM.

It was so good to see them too. Aren't they cute?!

We've been working at the new house today. A lot of stuff is moved over there. And it's starting to take shape. It is so frustrating to not be able to do anything. I am dying to get everything hung on the walls and decorated. Our families have been the hugest help.
If you read this tonight, say a prayer that Katie sleeps good and long. Her mommy needs it!


3LittleByrds said...

She is too cute. I love her outfits too. That's sweet that friends from church are bringing food. It sure helps to have a good church family. We just started visiting since getting here in Colleyville. We visited FBC of Colleyville last Sun. and liked it. I'll pray that Katie sleeps for you tonight. I remember what it's like with no sleep for weeks.

Jennie said...

She is adorable. SO happy for you all! Enjoy your weekend together!

3LittleByrds said...

Dina, nope I didn't know you went to FBC of Colleyville. Small world. The people there were extremely friendly and the kids LOVED their classes. The jungle is really neat for the kids. We've already gotten several phone calls checking on us and about classes,emails,letters,etc. so it's great. Dawson my oldest even got a postcard from the Jungle teachers and he thought that was awesome. We plan to go back tom. for the meet the pastors lunch we were invited to and to hear the pastor since he was gone last week. We noticed there's 2 classes for us we're thinking about either the 20-30's with kids or the 30-40's with kids. We're leaning more towards the older group and plan to try that out tom. we think. We live in Ross Downs right off of Colleyville Blvd. Maybe when you come back to church I can meet you and Katie. :)

KristenB said...

Katie is so cute! Congratulations on a perfect and healthy girl. I love her dress. Totally my style .It is very neat that she and Trent were born so close together. We were checking out when y'all were checking in! =) I liked reading your birth story. These babies have plans of their own sometimes!

The Mellberg Family said...

That sure is one sweet little girl.