First a house update:

The carpet is in the bedrooms. Yay! I started carrying things over to the house today since I had a floor to put it on now.

This is the guest room:

This is Katie's room:

And Marcus and my dad have laid most of the wood floors:

They should be all in, stained, and sealed by Monday!

And all the tile is laid, but just needs to be grouted. That will happen on Monday too.

And we ordered all our appliances yesterday and they will also be in on Monday. I guess Monday will kind of feel like Christmas!
I did get a front load washer and dryer! I always had my heart set on red, but since my laundry room is pink, I just couldn't do it. So I got silver. They look kind of space shipish. And, something that is even more exciting, is that we got a double oven! I am not a huge cook, but we have people over a lot, and make a lot of food. Now that I think about it, I wonder how often we will be entertaining since we are about to have a baby?!

Which leads me into a baby update:
Katie will be here in less then 2 weeks! I can't even believe it. With the remodel and the move, a baby is the last thing on my mind right now! We went to the Dr yesterday and I am not dilated at all. Good girl...stay put for now! We need all the time we can get. She is still breach, so I will still have a c-section. I am totally fine with that.
I have been feeling pretty good considering I am about to pop. I have been super busy at the house doing projects and stuff. Sometimes it catches up with me and I feel like I am carrying around a bowling ball that is about to fall out. It makes me waddle like a real pregnant lady.
Today when I was at Walmart, I could barely shuffle along. At the check out I dropped the Cheese Nips on the ground. I thought it was too much effort to bend over and pick them up. Then I wised up and knew it was totally worth it.
Guess what?! Those Cheese Nips are all gone now.


Ashley said...

I discovered your blog recently and love to read up on your new house and baby updates! It's all coming along nicely. I want front load washer/dryers if we ever sell our house to get another!! Hang in there. Two weeks will be here super fast!

Vanessa said...

Loving the progress on the new house! Things can change pretty quickly as far as dialation. I was absolutely nothing this past Thursday and Monday my water broke and I was 4cm by the time we got to the hospital! Best of luck with the c-section!

KristenB said...

Congratulations on the new house and the baby girl!! I can't wait to see her, and I can't wait to see what you do with the new house. I know it will be fabulous.

We may even have our babies on the same day. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dina, its Niki, Tori's friend from Arkansas...anyway... just want you to know I check your blog at least 3 times a day. also curious what brand of kitchen appliances you went with. We are looking to update and I am overwhelmed with all the choices. Thanks

Audra said...

Everything is looking great-can't wait to see the 'Moved In' pictures!

Dina said...

Hey Niki! I can't even remember what brand appliances we went with. We just looked and went by price and the salesman's recommendations on what was a good value. I am not a researcher on things like that. Or really on anything! I will let you know how we like everything.

You guys need to come and visit again soon!

Carrie said...

I love all of your house updates! We are in the process of buying an older home with lots of work to be done! Yall are making great progress! Love all of your ideas...keep em coming!

Megan said...

I check your blog everyday for house and baby updates (I've been following you for about 10 months now!) So excited to see what happens in your life in the next few weeks!

Megan said...

P.S. My husband is also a firefighter and we met in Jr. High too!

Katy said...

Looking great girl!! So happy it's all coming along nicely, the wood floors are exciting..I want them in our bedrooms...in a BAD way. :) Hang in there!!

Alicia {Murry Mayhem} said...

I can't wait to see more pics of the house! It's really coming along, probably not fast enough for you though! HaHa! I hope the last 2 weeks go by very smoothly for you and baby Katie!

Pamela said...

I am enjoying reading about your new house and how you two are making it into a lovely home for your little family! I just do not know how you do it all! What are your wood floors? Are they just pine planks on top of a concrete foundation? We are trying to find an inexpensive way to redo our floors. I LOVE hand scrapped but not the price. Yours look like they will be lovely!