Lost Footage

This is not really lost footage. I knew where it was all along. It's just things I keep forgetting to post about.
First, here are some pics of my finished kitchen. It wasn't all the way clean, so I had to work around that.

That chandelier was originally over the table. We painted it black and put it where a big fluorescent light was.

I will show more when things are picked up...in like 5 years!

Sadly, Marcus had to go back to work last week. It was so nice because he had about a month off! He has about 8 months of sick time saved up, so it made sense to use some of it when the baby came. And for a fire fighter's schedule it was only 11 shifts he took off.

The good news was, that he had to shave!


We took pictures of the process

This is how Marcus would look if he didn't have a wife:
He said. "this is my style"



This is a pedophile look:

And this is him sad, but with a clean, cute face. Yay!

And other "lost footage" ...
Katie at her first Taco Tuesday.

She got the chicken tacos.
Afterward we went with Courtney and Stephen to see their new house!

They will only be 5 minutes away and we are thrilled!

And last week my friend Kara and her twin boys came for a visit. Kara and I have been friends since we were 7! That's how old her boys are now, which seems crazy

Also last Friday I turned 35 and a half! Marcus and I always celebrate half birthdays. Sadly there are no pictures. He arranged for my parents to babysit and we went to dinner and went shopping. You can read more about our half birthday tradition here and here.

Have a great weekend!


Our Room

This is where I wish we got 8 straight hours of sleep.
Sadly, it's just about 2 or 3 hours at a time right now.

Katie is still sleeping in our room in the pack and play. It just feels more convenient to just have to stumble a few feet to get her. I am starting to maybe possibly thinking about putting her in her own room. maybe...someday.

That sign says, "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all." So true!

This was the room before we moved in.
Lovely wallpaper, don'tcha think?

I covered the window with an old window and put leopard wrapping paper on the back of it for privacy. I didn't want to have curtains behind my bed.

The headboard covers the rest of the window.

Katie is wondering why the bed is made. Who is coming over?

Oh well...

The tag on the right of that boppy has the word sleep on it with a big red circle and line through it. Do you think they mean my baby shouldn't be sleeping in the boppy? Do they have a baby? I would let her sleep on a bag of glass at this point.

I am joining in Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home. Join the party!


Good News

Jackpot! Look what came in the mail today!

Bows and flowers for Katie!
She needed some more hair accessories! Really!

The other good news for the day is that a cold front came through! It was only in the 80's today. It felt wonderful! We had our first family walk this morning.

It's just been too hot to get out unless we have to.

Katie slept through the whole thing. So she doesn't even know she went on her first family walk. We'll try again tomorrow!

It looks like the dogs are running through the country, but really that's the highway just a few yards away. We are city folk!

The third piece of good news is that we went out to dinner tonight. We tried a new place called Fireside Pies. It's brick oven pizza. It was really good and we sat out on the patio.

Katie slept through that too.

So we had to take our own picture:

Maybe the flash was just a little bright!

Or maybe we are just glowing from having such a great day!
I hope you had a good day too!


Dear Santa...

Since it's 105 degrees today, I started thinking about Christmas.

It is only 4 months and 2 days away after all!

Really, since it's so dang hot it makes me want a new car and Santa is the only one I know that can give me a new car. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and it works just fine, but it doesn't have any rear air vents. That was never a problem until I had a baby that sits in the back. It is too hot to put her back there, because it never cools off. We have to run all our errands first thing in the morning if I am going to have her with me.

So that brings me to this 2011 Ford Explorer.

I want one! In red, of course!

It has lots of exciting features, but I really love that it has heated and COOLED seats! When it's 105 you need your seat to be cooled!

So if any of you have connections to Santa, or a big wig at Ford, put a good word in for me. Because so far this stay at home mom gig doesn't pay very well!


Babies Make It Hard To Blog

Hurry! She's sleeping so I can blog for a second! Nobody make a peep!

Here's our finished hall bathroom!

I got my towel and t.p. holders from Hobby Lobby.

(They don't pay me to mention them every other post...but they should!)

And now I need to throw in some Katie pics:

Marcus gave her a bath the other night and gave her a mohawk when her hair was wet.

This is what it looked like the next morning. I just had to wet it and start over!

She thought it was pretty funny!

Now while she's still sleeping I need to shower, fold clothes, empty the dishwasher, get caught up on Thank you notes, and maybe sleep too!



We are slowly chipping away at the house projects.
Here is the office/sitting room before:

And After, along with the dining room:

The dining room is supposed to be the formal living and the sitting room is supposed to be the dining room. But I am a rule breaker and I needed a bigger dining room, so I switched!

And I planted some flowers:

It has been over 100 degrees in a row for over 2 weeks now. So hopefully the flowers will make it!

And here's another pretty flower:
Katie is one month old!
We went to the doctor today and she weighs 9 lbs 14 oz and is 21 3/4 inches long. So she gained 2 pounds and 1 inch in just 2 weeks.

One month of not getting much sleep is catching up with me. I am getting irritable. On the outside I am still polite, but you should hear the thoughts in my head!


The Room's Not Done Yet, OK?

Everybody wants to see Katie's nursery! Well, it's still a mess and has piles everywhere. We just moved 2 weeks ago and had a baby 4 weeks ago, so cut me some slack!

If it weren't for the move, the room would have been done in March.

We also had another hold up. I have had Katie's bedding picked out for 5 years! When I found out I was having a girl, I ordered it right away. When it came, the bed skirt was totally different from the picture.

This is what it was supposed to look like:

The bed skirt that came had lots of ugly cartoon characters on them. They changed the fabric, but not their picture online. I was so sad!

Anyway, my sister in law came to the rescue...again, and made Katie's bed skirt.

I love how it turned out. I got my hankies from Golightly's and the red and white polk a dot fabric is from the curtains in my old kitchen windows. Those actually came from Golightly's too!

Good Night sweet Katie, and Happy 4 week birthday of being in the world.
We are glad you're here!

P.S. The room, and the rest of the house, will hopefully be done soon. I will share with you as soon as I can!