Lost Footage

This is not really lost footage. I knew where it was all along. It's just things I keep forgetting to post about.
First, here are some pics of my finished kitchen. It wasn't all the way clean, so I had to work around that.

That chandelier was originally over the table. We painted it black and put it where a big fluorescent light was.

I will show more when things are picked up...in like 5 years!

Sadly, Marcus had to go back to work last week. It was so nice because he had about a month off! He has about 8 months of sick time saved up, so it made sense to use some of it when the baby came. And for a fire fighter's schedule it was only 11 shifts he took off.

The good news was, that he had to shave!


We took pictures of the process

This is how Marcus would look if he didn't have a wife:
He said. "this is my style"



This is a pedophile look:

And this is him sad, but with a clean, cute face. Yay!

And other "lost footage" ...
Katie at her first Taco Tuesday.

She got the chicken tacos.
Afterward we went with Courtney and Stephen to see their new house!

They will only be 5 minutes away and we are thrilled!

And last week my friend Kara and her twin boys came for a visit. Kara and I have been friends since we were 7! That's how old her boys are now, which seems crazy

Also last Friday I turned 35 and a half! Marcus and I always celebrate half birthdays. Sadly there are no pictures. He arranged for my parents to babysit and we went to dinner and went shopping. You can read more about our half birthday tradition here and here.

Have a great weekend!


amberdawn said...

It is crazy to me how many friends you have with twins!!!! PS I can't believe how puffy Marcus' beard got!!!!

Katy said...

I love it when my hubby has a clean shaven face, quite kissable! (don't you just LOVE a good mustache, they're HILARIOUS and scarey at the same time)

........kitchen is fun and loving!

Amanda said...

Kara! She looks the same as she did in Junior High. Good genes!

Tricia Nae said...

The beard is CRACKING me up!! And...Taco Tuesdays...yummm...There isn't a Rosa's anywhere in Mansfield or Arlington. Sad huh? I should probably move!!

Carrie said...

You crack my up!!! Love the shaving process! and your house is adorable!!!

Miss G said...

Yea for Taco Tuesday and good friends and wonderful husbands who can take time off work. Happy 35 1/2! Kelly

O Mom said...

This is the thing I most love about your decorating...you are fearless about putting things and using them in different, non-traditional places. Like the chandelier in the kitchen!!! I Love that!

Pamela said...

Your hubby pics made me laugh soo hard! The Hubster has a stach and goatee. Sometimes though he has to shave the goatee off and thus all is left is what we call the creepy "porn star" stash! Ha!

Ron @ DubaiFunHolidays said...

wow, you have done things very nicely, why would one want to leave their house and go anywhere else when they are already living in heaven, you are a born decorator, too good ideas you have

Linda said...

What is the paint color of the green you used? I am going to be doing a playroom/grandchildren's room and I love that color with black.,,,and red. Love your house and the decor, but that baby girl is the most adorable baby.