The Weekend

We had a busy and fun weekend! Even though I get tired, I think I feel better when we are busy and have stuff to do.

Friday night we went to dinner and to Sam's. That was pretty exciting! The dogs got new beds.
I think it was a little too mushy for Blue, but Poncho loves anything soft to cuddle on.

Also, on Friday, Staci came over to take Katie's picture. She was super patient, Staci, not Katie!

Katie didn't want to sleep or relax. She did want to pee on Staci's blanket though!
I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Thanks Staci!

Then on Saturday night we celebrated my sister's birthday!

That means we went out to eat 2 nights in a row and Katie did great. Which I am thankful for, because I love to go out to eat!

Then on Sunday Marcus's family came over here for lunch. I have mentioned before that we get together every Sunday with his parents, and brother and sister and their families. We each take turns cooking. Our house isn't fully unpacked yet, but it was good enough.

This is the grandparents with their grand kids.

Also, on Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie from 3 Little Byrds. She just moved here from Florida and we met at church. I love the Blog world.

Welcome to Texas Debbie!

Too bad it's been 105 and humid everyday. That's not a very nice Texas welcome!


Now I need to go and finish watching the Bachelor Pad. Then I probably need to pray for forgiveness for watching the Bachelor Pad.


Meghan said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!

Vanessa said...

Go out to eat now as much as you can! haha Our daughter was an angel going out to eat until she turned two. Now she wont eat, wont sit in a high chair or booster seat and screams at the top of her lungs. Our newborn is the easy one ;)

Ford Coyote said...

It's looks like a fun but busy weekend.

Katy said...

I think I can smell that cake through the computer screen...yummy!
Love the little pic of sister Katie..sWEeT!!
Really cool that you all get together on Sundays, neat tradition.

Katy said...

p.s. i hope you know that we're all on our toes waiting to see that little katie's room.......:)

3LittleByrds said...

Dina, thanks for the warm welcome to Texas. It was a pleasure to meet you and Miss Katie too. Your weekend sounds really busy but I'm like you I love to go out to eat. I know her pics are going to be precious just from the one you posted. Would love to get together soon.

P.S. I watched the Bachelor Pad tonight too. I couldn't resist. Maybe we should both pray this Sunday. :)

a boy a girl and a pug said...

precious pic! so cute. we're in the dfw area too so i'm going to have to remember this photographer for fam pics.

and oh the bachelor pad hooked me in too.

Dawn said...

We need to start a prayer group for all of us Bachelor Pad groupies! What debauchery!

Staci said...

That cake looks yummy. Glad the rest of your weekend was nice. I'm working on the rest of her pictures. We learned of a death in the family last night (very unexpected) so it's put me just a bit behind but I'm getting there!

Our Crazy Life said...

Tell me that is a Texas Star cake:) Yummo. Your girl is beautiful. I can't wait to meet her in person. I have something special for you...and you need to pick a plate from this site:

Miss G said...

That photo is beautiful!! Also, love that pink outfit. I've seen it at the store several times and thought it was just precious. Kelly