35 and 7 Weeks

Marcus turned 35 yesterday!

Marcus likes homemade cakes for his birthday. So I made a coconut cake and strawberry cupcakes. I, on the other hand, like bought cakes for my birthday. I like for them to be pretty and with 2 feet of butter cream icing on top! Sugar is my love language!

Marcus and I are opposites in every way, but it just works.

Here he is with his sister and our niece, Melissa:

The whole family was there, I just didn't get pictures of everyone. Thankfully I got one of the balloons though!

And here he is with his 7 week old baby:

Marcus is the best dad.
Katie is crying tears of joy, because she has such a great dad!

Katie is getting so big. This is her in her favorite outfit at about 1 or 2 weeks old:

And then today in the same outfit. I had to STUFF her in it.

Chunky monkey!
Here's a good pic of her chubby thighs. Love them!

And last week Marcus got another car seat base to use in his truck. For some reason Katie was hating riding in it. It's much cooler than my car, so I don't know what her problem was. Anyway, we moved her to the front seat (with the base) in between us while we were running errands.
She LOVED it! I don't think she loved it as much as Marcus though. He had a hard time watching the road. He wanted to train her to hold his Dr. Pepper since we lost the drink holder with her there.

Marcus's truck doesn't have air bags, so she was perfectly safe. I needed to put that disclaimer in before my mom left a comment!

So Happy 35th and 7 week birthday to my 2 favorite people!


Staci said...

Happy days to them both! Love Katie's hair accessories. I'm with you on store bought cakes. It's kind of like having a fountain coke. They just can't be replaced with anything else!

laurensmommy said...

when I read "sugar is my love language," I pretty much laughed out loud for 10 minutes. That's hilarious!

Katie is getting bigger! What a sweetie! And for the record, our 2 year old LOVES to ride in her daddy's truck (no airbags, either!) I think they just feel like "big stuff" getting to ride up front with mom and dad! :)

Jennifer said...

She is so pretty and I love her outfit too!

Take care!

Amy said...

Dina, Katie is adorable and growing so fast!!! The house is looking fabulous as I knew it was. So talented!!!

Pamela said...

That is funny abt the air bags! I was thinking the same thing!:) Glad he had a great bday and she is still sooo freakin cute!