Friday Night Lights

Katie went to her first and second football games this weekend.
First, we went to Marcus's old high school, Ft. Worth Christian.

Afterward we went to the last Friday Night Fireworks for the year. We haven't been since Katie was born. She's kind of cramping our style a little bit.

I bet she will really love them next year!
Then Saturday morning we watched my nephew, Ryan, play his first game.

I didn't get a good picture of him in his uniform. Maybe next time. And maybe next time we won't fry in the sun. Football is meant to be played in the crisp fall air!
Do you hear that Mother Nature? It's supposed to be crispy outside!!

Now, some house pics:

Our living room. We built a wall between the living room and hall, so the bathroom wasn't so much on stage.

And Marcus put my stained glass window in it, which I love!

And thankfully I found a place for my cross painting!

I think I am going to put out my fall decorations soon? Are you? Maybe it will make it cooler outside.

I hope you all had a happy labor day!


Vanessa said...

Yes! I can not wait to put up my fall decorations! If only I can find them...They are buried somewhere after our move!

The living room turned out fabulous! I knew it would :)

laurensmommy said...

glad you found a place for the cross...it's beautiful! I put out my fall decorations today, but it was a little sad. Since we are renting, and our square footage has been literally cut in half, there wasn't much room to put it out, but I like the "minimalist" look...and the pumpkins make it feel "crisper"!

Lauren is going to her first (college) football game next weekend,(she's 2)and I hope it goes well! :)

3LittleByrds said...

Looks like your weekend was busy. David is so glad football season is here too so he can start going to some of these high school games. He loves it. Katie looks like she enjoyed it. Love how yall built the wall up to cover the bathroom. I love the cross picture. Was that a Canton find? I didn't see you at church Sun. I was going to introduce my parents to you so I settled for a blog pic. :)

hollie marie said...

Ok, so I'm new to your blog- but I LOVE how your home is decorated!!! Fabulous!
Thanks for sharing pics!
-Hollie @ blog-o-holl*ic

KristenB said...

I am totally putting out my Fall decorations soon. I can't wait! The Fall is my favorite. Post pictures!

All That Glitters said...

I just love your home!!! I've loved all them! Yes! I can't wait to put my fall stuff out! This weekend I'm getting to work!

Take care and enjoy that precious baby!


Katy said...

fall decor has fallen behind....yesterday my husband and his friend ripped carpet out of our daughters room, he taped off the room for me and I started a little bit of painting the walls (using safe paint of course) and he'll get busy rolling paint when he gets home tonight. it will become the boys room. :) ...then we'll start demolition on the girls room. :) when boy room is finished.

hmmmmmmm, that was a long story.

your house is looking sweeter by the days girlfriend. .....oh and that Katie girl, she rocks!

Jan said...

Your house is adorable! Just found your blog. Too cute! I love me some football, too!

Lindsey said...

Hi, I Love following your Blog and looking at how creative you are! and not to mention your newest member! You should check out my blog too see if I have any clothes that you may like for her since our babies are around the same age! Ill be posting more throughout the week! Thanks! Its twoposhtots.blogspot.com!

These are the days... said...

I knew you were good people.... or at least your husband is! LOL! ;-) I hung out with Fort Worth Christian peeps all through high school and went to Abilene Christian for college. Unfortunately, I have a couple of years on Marcus so we probably didn't cross paths at any point.
I haven't commented in a while, but wanted you to know I love what you have accomplished at the new house! And that girl of yours has some great bow hair! I had a bow baby myself and loved every minute of it. Now she's 6 and I have to fight her to wear them. Even when I think I've won, they usually come home stuffed in the backpack. Enjoy that beautiful bow hair while you can!!!!

kate said...

I love how you have decorated your home! Too cute- the cross is my favorite!