I have sold jewelry on my blog in the past, but it's been a while. I also sell jewelry at Golightly's. It's my way to earn a little bit of income with out really having to go to work. I am so blessed that I get to stay home and be a wife and mom. That's what suits us best. I know others LOVE to get out of the house and go to work. I have never liked being somewhere at 8:00 am. It's unnatural for me to be out of my PJ's at that time!

So right now I am still trying to decorate Katie's nursery. I can't get it how I want it. It's frustrating since decorating is what I do. I have dreamed of decorating a nursery for years and I just can't get hers done. It's going to take some moolah. So I need to earn some more...

Do you want some jewelry?

If you see something you want, leave a comment with the item letter and description, and your email. I will send you a pay pal email. If you don't have a pay pal account, you can send a check. Whatever you are most comfortable with is fine. There is no tax and shipping will be $2.

Happy Shopping!

A. SOLD. Thanks Shara! Red cross necklace with black beads $32

It's not pictured, but the clasp on the necklace is adjustable, so you can make it longer or shorter.

B. Turquoise and brown cross necklace $32

This one also has an adjustable clasp.

C. Pearl necklace with orange and pink cross $38

This necklace is super long. When I put it on it goes down to my shins, but I'm a shorty!

It's meant to be wrapped around a few times, so you can wear it long or short depending on how many times you wrap it.

D. Dark brown cross with cream beads $34

The cross looks black in the picture, but it's a very dark chocolate brown. I love it with the turquoise and cream!

E. Lime green zebra cross on a suede necklace $24

The back cross is black and the rose is turquoise. So cute!

F. SOLD! Thanks Tressa! Hot pink and green zebra cross on a suede necklace $24

I love the pink and green combo

G. SOLD! Thanks Katy! Colorful beaded necklace with black, green, and turquoise cross $40

This one will match everything!


H. Black or silver ring with rhinestones small $12 big $14

The picture turned out a little blurry. These are so cute. They look like flowers made of ribbon, but it's a mesh metal. They are on a stretch band, so one sizes fits all!

Specify if you want a small black, small silver or big black or (the big silver ring is SOLD thanks Colleen!)

I. SOLD! Thanks Mallie! Red and turquoise stretch ring with gold trim $14

J. SOLD. Thanks Amy! Green beaded necklace with ribbon $20

K. Another Green beaded necklace with ribbon $15

I think this one is great for fall

If you would like to purchase something, leave a comment with the item letter and description, along with your email.

I will do same day or next day shipping for everything.



King Amy said...

oooh! ooh! this was a really hard decision, but I think I finally decided on:

"J. Green beaded necklace with ribbon $20"

my email is amy4four7 at yahoo dot com -- Can't wait!!

Greg and Shara said...

Hi! I would like A, the red and black for $32. Can't wait to wear it :)

My email is greg7shara@yahoo.com

Thank you!!

colleen said...

HI!! its all so pretty!!! but i think i want the H. big silver ring $14.00...

im in love with it!!!

my email is jpclerk1@amaonline.com

Jill said...

Hi there! Do you have another letter J (green necklace) available? I love that one so much! If not, would you be willing to share where I could buy it (I'm from out of state)?



Jennifer said...

I am with Jill. Is there another one of J (Green beaded necklace with ribbon)? It is sooo cute!


Katy said...

I'd like the "G" colorful necklace please...stick my name with a sold sign on it!!!

Anonymous said...

will look bling bling on my niece!

They all are very cool and pretty.

My email is tressa@midplainsconstruction.net


Angela said...

OH my. I LOVE that green beaded necklace with the blue ribbon. That is gorgeous!

Jason and Mallie said...

I love the red and turquoise ring! In Fact stick SOLD on it!

you can email me at cottonexchange@ymail.com

Staci said...

Well dang! First I totally miss the giveaway then the one I wanted sold out from under me! Ah well. I'm sure it's off to a good home.

Went to Golightly's today. I.AM.IN.LOVE! I have my next trip planned. And I'm taking my peeps!

Emily said...

I was wondering if C necklace was sold? I know its kinda late.


Thank you!