The Weekend

We had a great and busy weekend again. Marcus entered a BBQ contest!

He got 8th place in brisket and 8th place in chicken. Pretty good!

I have been judging it all weekend and I thought it was delicious!
It was hot and humid outside. Katie and I didn't last very long. Thankfully Marcus borrowed Blake's trailer and it had AC.
Katie was showing her love and support for the USA since it was September 11th.

There were some really cool smokers out there:

Mickey and a Black Jack?


We also had Baby Dedication at church on Sunday, and I didn't bring my camera! Thankfully the whole family came and they are like the paparazzi, so I will borrow some pics.

OK, do you guys know about the wubanub? And if so, why didn't you tell me about it?!

It's a little stuffed animal that is attached to a pacifier. It helps keep it in your baby's mouth!

Anna told me about it, because she's my real friend.

And now I am telling you!

Not many places have them, so you might have to order it online. I got the last one at a local store. They just had a pink pony left. I wouldn't have cared if it was an armadillo, I wanted it!
And now here are some cute pics of Katie, my 9 week old baby!

This was bath time tonight. I think it's funny to see her hair all slicked back.

She loves the bath and to be rinsed with the vegetable sprayer!

This picture makes me laugh out loud!

Marcus "dried" her hair with the towel. I think I like it better slicked back! The afro look is not a good one for her.

She's at her best when it's combed straight with a giant bow!

Did you watch the finale of the Bachelor Pad? I was disappointed that Kiptyn and Tenley didn't win! Hopefully they will just go ahead and get married though!

And what do you think about Wes and Gia?


Ben and Audrey said...

now i am craving BBQ chicken!!!

Cortni said...

Was the BBQ at Bass Pro? I had a friend from East Texas that was at Bass Pro this weekend for a charity event at Bass Pro. He was in a kilt, so kind of hard to miss! lol

Vanessa said...

Yummy BBQ! I so wish Rowan would take a pacifier. He spits it out almost instantly. I dont think a wubanuber would even help me. Ill keep that in mind to tell other friends though ;)

Love her hair! I thin she looks a lot like daddy but with your coloring. Does that make sense? ha!

Audra said...

Lyndon loved his wubanub duck!!!!!!

Frugal Jen said...

I didn't know about that paci holder thing. I've got to get one! Thanks for sharing.

Katie is sooo cute.

I loved watching the Bachelor Pad. I hope Tenley and Kipton get married too. I wish they won the money.

Harriett said...

I was going to ask if it was at Bass Pro Shop too! We were there on Saturday and there was a huge crowd!

O Mom said...

That hair! What a cutie!

3LittleByrds said...

The bbq sounds yummy. Too bad we didn't know we would have come out and showed our support. :) Katie's hair cracks me up in that pic. It reminds me of Ireland's. Hers does the same thing when you dry it. I was disappointed too in the Bachelor Pad. I wanted Kiptyn and Tenley to win. Gia and Wes I'm not sure yet. I keep thinking of what a weasel he was and if he's really changed.