Be Our Guest

Kelly's Korner is hosting Show Us Your Guest Bedrooms!

Our guest bedroom is the largest bedroom in the house. We may make it the master one day, but for now we can hold lots of guests!
This is the view from the door:

Our walls are khaki and the ceilings are apple green.

My sister in law, sister, and mother in law helped me make all my curtains for my house!
(it helps to be pregnant when remodeling!)

And this is the view from the bed to the back patio:

Thanks for being my guest!
Have a great weekend!


Road Trip

We took a little road trip last week with Katie. We met Marcus's brother and his family at a cabin they rented in Oklahoma.

We were just gone one night, but our car was loaded down like the Beverly Hillbillies. Babies need a lot of stuff! And we needed Pringles, as you can see by the bottom right corner of the picture.

This is David cooking the burgers and dogs:

Isn't this a pretty view? We were right on the water.

Marcus carrying the firewood. Can your husband do that?!

That's practically a whole tree.
Then he cut it up just like Paul Bunyan. He's a little manly.

Katie's cousin, Jeddy, taught her how to play Go Fish!

He played 2 entire games with her!

Isn't that the sweetest thing?

We had a great time and Katie did pretty good in the car. We were thinking about visiting my friend, Tori, in Arkansas, but I don't think any of us are up for that long of a road trip just yet. Maybe when Katie is old enough to take NyQuil!

And in other news, I mailed off my hair today to Locks of Love!

This picture kind of grosses me out a little. It's like an appendage has been cut off!
I don't miss it at all though! It was hot and it started falling out anyway due to the crazy after pregnancy hormones. Hopefully it can make someone a nice little wig.
Katie will be able to donate her hair in no time!


11 Years and 100 Days

Marcus and I are celebrating 11 years of wedded bliss!It really has been blissful! We went out to dinner and had a great time while my mom babysat.

(and look! I chopped about 10 inches off my hair!)

This is us 11 years ago. We haven't changed a bit! Ha!

Except that we love each other more, we seek God's will for our life a little better, we are a tiny bit wiser, and now we are parents too!

I am thankful for such a great husband and that I get to live with my best friend. It's like a slumber party every night!

And look who turned 100 days old yesterday!

Little Miss Katie Belle!

We rode the little train in Ft. Worth outside the zoo. She liked it!
And we ate lunch at Dutch's and I really liked that!

Thank you God for giving me such a sweet husband and baby!
I couldn't be more blessed.


One Epic Life

Our friend, Michael Smith, died today. It happened unexpectedly in his sleep. Michael was our youth pastor for the past 3 years up until a few months ago. He was venturing out on his own as a speaker. He had a passion for telling kids about Jesus.

Please pray for his wife Kim and their daughter Hannah.


Katie's Room

Kelly's Korner is hosting Show Us Your Life... Kid's Rooms!
Yay! I finally get to show you a nursery. It's still a work in progress, but I think it always will be!

My friend, Amanda, got me this sign and I LOVE it! It is hanging on Katie's door. Those are little Peep bunnies in the background. Don't you want to bite their heads off?

Probably by the time we finally move Katie into her room, she will be sleeping in this bed!

Proverbs 3:5-6

I have had this little praying girl since I was teensie. And the Precious Moments Bible was mine too.

I have 2 red sconces that are going to hang on those blue shutters.
If I didn't have a baby, I would be able to finish the baby's room.!
Ironic, huh?

A picture of her daddy:

My mom made her this blanket and my friend Kara gave her the Snoopy. Kara and I bonded over our love of Snoopy when we were 7. We still think he's pretty cute.

Sometimes I find Katie sitting in this chair reading books...she's advanced.

And she might have a little bit of a bow addiction:

Her crib...where she doesn't sleep yet...sometimes it holds her laundry though.
And I just made a mobile to put over that crib. It just needs to be hung along with the sconces.

It's the frame of a lamp shade. I got some cute ornaments and hung them from some beaded wire.

I am sure my mom will be calling me in 5 minutes to ask if that is safe or not!

The girl will never make it in this world if she can't handle a monkey ballerina falling on her.


The Punkin Patch

My friend Lisa and her family have a fabulous pumpkin patch in Grapevine.
Marcus and I go every year, but it was extra fun going with Katie this year!

It's OK to prop your baby up with a pumpkin right?

What about lay her in a bin of pumpkins?

She just thinks we're loony.

We wore our little pumpkin out. She was asleep about 30 seconds after we got in the car.

The next step is Santa pictures!

Then I'll feel like a real mom!


Punkin Party

I finally put some "fall" outside. I kept waiting for it to cool off. I guess the 80's is cool enough.

Katie is hanging out in the background. We love to sit on our front porch in the evenings!
On Saturday I had a pumpkin painting party with my 9th grade girls from church!
It was so much fun!
They are so much fun too!

I was very impressed with their creativity!
Courtney took this picture of Marcus during the party. He is the only person that I know that can nap with 14 girls in the house. Well, I guess he and Katie are the only ones I know.

This would be a fun party with little girls or big adult girls too. It's way less messy than carving pumpkins and you can be more creative too.

I love the purple monster!

All weekend I have been battling a cold, so today Katie and I stayed in our PJs. I put her little "playground" on my bed so I could just lay down and watch her.

She had a grand time!

I just realized when your a mom you don't get sick days. You have to work anyway. That kind of bummed me out! We survived though and she was really good.
Now she's in bed and I should be too!