11 Years and 100 Days

Marcus and I are celebrating 11 years of wedded bliss!It really has been blissful! We went out to dinner and had a great time while my mom babysat.

(and look! I chopped about 10 inches off my hair!)

This is us 11 years ago. We haven't changed a bit! Ha!

Except that we love each other more, we seek God's will for our life a little better, we are a tiny bit wiser, and now we are parents too!

I am thankful for such a great husband and that I get to live with my best friend. It's like a slumber party every night!

And look who turned 100 days old yesterday!

Little Miss Katie Belle!

We rode the little train in Ft. Worth outside the zoo. She liked it!
And we ate lunch at Dutch's and I really liked that!

Thank you God for giving me such a sweet husband and baby!
I couldn't be more blessed.


Tricia Nae said...

Happy Anniversary!! (and 100days to miss Katie!!). Love the new do!!

Brooke said...

Congrats, Dina! (I really like your hair:)

Nicole said...

Cutting your hair off after you have a baby is like the Freshman 15. It's just going to happen. Congrats on your anniversaries!

Lauren & Matt said...

Congrats! Cute pics! =)

Katy said...

cute everything and happy everything!!!!! congrats! wanting to chop my hair off, but I love ponytails too much.

Miss G said...

Happy anniversary! You guys look great and really haven't changed. I love your haircut. Happy 100 days to Katie!! Kelly

Fabiola said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You are looking gorgeous. I love your new hairdo.

I will do a BIG change on my hair as per one of my gifts on my next birthday in a few weeks ; )

Tonja said...

Happy Anniversary!

I would like to invite you to come join me this Friday at my blog Mama Needs Coffee for Friday Coffee Talk :)

Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary. I just ate at Dutch's the other day and I have to say I was a little disappointed. Maybe it was an off day for my tastebuds. I've heard nothing but great things about it. Love the pic of Katie on the train. So cute!!