Punkin Party

I finally put some "fall" outside. I kept waiting for it to cool off. I guess the 80's is cool enough.

Katie is hanging out in the background. We love to sit on our front porch in the evenings!
On Saturday I had a pumpkin painting party with my 9th grade girls from church!
It was so much fun!
They are so much fun too!

I was very impressed with their creativity!
Courtney took this picture of Marcus during the party. He is the only person that I know that can nap with 14 girls in the house. Well, I guess he and Katie are the only ones I know.

This would be a fun party with little girls or big adult girls too. It's way less messy than carving pumpkins and you can be more creative too.

I love the purple monster!

All weekend I have been battling a cold, so today Katie and I stayed in our PJs. I put her little "playground" on my bed so I could just lay down and watch her.

She had a grand time!

I just realized when your a mom you don't get sick days. You have to work anyway. That kind of bummed me out! We survived though and she was really good.
Now she's in bed and I should be too!


Marisa said...

What a doll Katie is!!

I totally know what you mean about not having a sick day. Hubby and I both battled a bug this wknd, so we had to do some tag team parenting. It was rough!

3LittleByrds said...

Dina, I hope you feel better and I'm glad Katie was good for you. It's so true once your a mom things go on. No rest at all. I love your front porch area so cute. I'll have to stop by and check it out. :) Cute party and what some neat looking pumpkins. That pic of Marcus and Katie cracks me up. Too cute.

Jennifer said...

Yep, mom's don't get sick days! And those pumpkins are too cute, maybe I will have to do that with my little one.

Carrie said...

What a fun party! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Amy said...

Do you mind my asking the paint colors you used in your laundry room? I am in love with this room and plan on copying it in the house we are in the process of building. I'd love to know the name and maker of the pink, green and black. Also, what size black and white tiles did you use?

Miss G said...

It is a bummer about no sick days, huh? :) Kelly

Michelle said...

Very creative pumpkins!!

Katy said...

Fun punkies! ...very cute

O Mom said...

Love the painted pumpkins! This is so much more my idea of fun than carving them...eeewww!