The Punkin Patch

My friend Lisa and her family have a fabulous pumpkin patch in Grapevine.
Marcus and I go every year, but it was extra fun going with Katie this year!

It's OK to prop your baby up with a pumpkin right?

What about lay her in a bin of pumpkins?

She just thinks we're loony.

We wore our little pumpkin out. She was asleep about 30 seconds after we got in the car.

The next step is Santa pictures!

Then I'll feel like a real mom!


Beth at southernfriedliving said...

She looked like she was really enjoying herself! Don't you love how us Texans can still wear shorts and t-shirts in October!
Go Rangers!!!!!

Tina said...

She is so cute and I love the outfit she had on.

3LittleByrds said...

Dina, we were just there the other day. Your right down the road from our house. You should have stopped and said hi. :) We love that Pumpkin Patch and pass it everyday when we take Ansley to preschool since her school is right across the street. I love Katie's outfit.

Nicole said...

Wow .. there is just nothin' cute about that baby, huh?? :)

King Amy said...

very cute...kinda makes me want to kiss her cute cheecks!! even though I don't really know yall!! :)

Vanessa said...

I love her little outfit! Makes me want another little girl ;)

Katy said...

Loving her little yellow outfit!..cannot believe she's old enough to prop up next to pumpkins. Love the pics girl!

Fabiola said...

She is looking prettiest by the minute!!! And so grown up ; )

Miss G said...

Okay, I just know we are going to run into each other sometime in the metroplex! How fun will that be? We go to this pumpkin patch every year. In fact, our first trip there was my very first blogpost ever! Kelly