State Fair

Marcus and I had a date to the Texas State Fair!
We pretty much just ate our way through the place.
First, we started with a cinnamon roll:

It was heavenly.

Then Marcus had to wash it down with a corny dog. I had an unfortunate corn dog incident in 6th grade so I don't really care for them.

Oooh, then we saw my 2011 Ford Explorer that I want and need!

And I was so excited to finally get a Lemon Chill. I craved them my entire pregnancy and could never find one.

I'm not pregnant, but it was still good!

Next, fried Snickers! Genius!

Marcus had corn dog #2!

We rode this scary roller coaster, seriously, I was so scared!

We felt like we needed a vegetable to balance out all the other junk. It was covered in butter, but it's still a vegetable!

Then these potatoey things. I guess that's a vegetable too. Man, we're healthy!

It was a fun day! We'll let Katie come with us in a couple of years. She can't appreciate all the fried goodness just yet.

Speaking of Katie,

This is the only way she wants to nap right now. She will lay on Marcus's chest and sleep for 3 hours! It is really sad when he's at work and she won't nap. Sad for me!

I hope you had a fun weekend too!


kimert said...

Love that last picture! Just too precious!

Staci said...

Oh that looks like fun! And it was a nice weekend, too. (I'm blogging about it now!) I haven't been to the fair in about 10 years. I think it's time to go back!

3LittleByrds said...

Dina, thanks for the prayers for my mom. Looks like yall had a great time. We are wanting to go to and maybe we'll get a chance this weekend. This past weekend was just already too busy.Katie is too cute laying on her daddys chest like that.

Frugal Jen said...

State Fair = Fried Goodness! We are hoping to go next week. Gotta try the fried snickers. YUM!

Stephanie said...

That cinnamon roll alone is making me want to run all the way to the Fair! Ok, maybe not run, but YUMMY!!!

Tamara Tobler said...

I have been reading your blog pretty regularly and feel like we are friends. Don't worry, I am not a stalker. (In fact I know Courtney Osborne...she was my sisters college roomate.) Anyways, since I feel like I know you, you instantly came to mind when I found super cute cherry bags on sale at zulily.com. They are Ju Ju Bags which are cute baby bags but there apear to be some other bags with cherries also. I just wanted to tell you about! Also, I have a daughter slightly younger than Katie and I agree about the wubbanub! LIFE SAVER! I wanted to tell you that Baby Bliss in Southlake has a "hybreed" of this called a pacimal. They are even cooler! Anyways, hope I didnt freak you out. I am not stalking you I swear! But I do love your blog!