Where We Eat!

It's Friday! So that means it's time for Show Us Where You Live at Kelly's Korner.

Today is Kitchens:

This cabinet was Marcus's grandmother's. I painted it black and put some new knobs on it. I wonder how she would feel about that?

And this high chair was mine when I was a baby.

Now Katie will use it when she is big enough.

That sink is where Katie takes a bath and where we wash one million bottles!

This chandelier was originally over the table. We painted it black and put it in the main kitchen area where a big fluorescent light used to be.

And I am sharing my dining room too, because I missed that last week!

Marcus got me this table for Christmas one year. We saw it at an estate sale and I loved it!

This stair step shelf was my grandmother's . I always wanted to climb those stairs!

I got these sconces when I went to Canton last Friday with Courtney!

My china was my great grandmother's. I love that it's pink and green!

I am so thankful this much has survived for at least 100 years.

I just realized how much old family stuff we have. Hopefully it will all survive our house and we can pass it down too!
Have a great weekend!


Staci said...

You know I LOVE your kitchen! I adore your new sconces. I would have LOVED to have gone to Canton with you guys! I am DYING to go again. It has been too long.

Will you please come help me decorate my kitchen? Seriously! I'm local. I might throw in a fountain coke to sweeten the deal... An offer you can't refuse. Haha!

Seriously, the house is beautiful.


Yavonne said...

I love your decorating style. It's fun and whimsical! The black cabinets are wonderful.

Thanks for the peek into your kitchen,
My Southern Front Porch

Britt said...

Hi, I just wanted to say I love the black cabinets--how did you do those? Also what is the color of the green? Awesome, thanks!

JAS said...

Love your kitchen, especially the refrig. What a way to revamp something and make it eccentric! Thanks for sharing and giving us inspiration.

Tina said...

I love your style. Can you tell me what is on the backs of the dining room chairs? I need something on mine and I love the look you have!!
Thanks for sharing

Audra said...

Too cute-as always! I know you must be a really FUN person because your house always looks so Fun and HAPPY! Have a great weekend!

~SHO~ said...

How charming! Love your style! Looks like a doll house. ADORABLE!!!


Anonymous said...

I love your cross collage in your dining room. I have several crosses and I adore them all!! Great idea!!

All That Glitters said...

You have the coolest kitchen eva!!! The eat sign is my favorite!!!

You little one is too cute on top of all those little pumpkins!!!

Take care!

Dana said...

I was wondering if you could tell me about your countertops. I notice that you have trim pieces on edges and used tile in the center. Did your husband do these and if so where/what did he get for trim? Redoing a kitchen in my daughter's new house and would love to do this.

Tonya said...

LOVE your style! That refrigerator: did you paint it? Please, tell me what kind of paints you used. SOOO FUN!!