Giving Thanks...Twice

Marcus had to work at the fire station on Katie's first Thanksgiving. Big Bummer. So my parents and I went and had lunch at my in-laws house. It was sad with out Marcus there, but also delicious!
Of course I didn't get a picture of my mother in law, who made a wonderful meal!

I did get a picture of Katie with my mom though:

It was last year at our Thanksgiving meal that we announced our pregnancy! Time flies!

And just for the record, we didn't announce anything this year.

Later in the day Katie and I went had dinner at the fire station with her daddy:

It was fabulous! They should have their own restaurant. Marcus fried 2 turkeys and smoked another one. There was enough food to feed an army plus the Navy too!

Here's Katie having her Thanksgiving meal:

That night we slept at my mom's since Marcus was at work. I had to take a picture of Katie in this chair, because last time we spent the night there, that is where she slept!

She was just 2 weeks old and it was the night we moved.

It's really not that long ago, but she has changed so much!

Speaking of change...Yesterday it was carrots and today it was a haircut:
This girl had some crazy hair!
This is some of what I cut off. That's enough to make a little baby toupee.

She feels such a weight lifted off her head now!

The bottom of her hair is just a little crooked and maybe a tad too short, but we won't talk about that.


A Quickie

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We did. I need to get some pictures off my dad's camera and I'll post them soon. We had a very busy weekend.

One of the most exciting things though is that Katie met Santa on Friday!

She didn't flash a big smile, but she didn't cry either. So I would call that a success!

And in other big news, Katie ate carrots tonight! Not as exciting as Santa, but it means she is practically a grown up!

So I guess it's time to find Katie her own car and apartment. She's a big girl now!


And for those of you that wanted to know how to get your hands on some of the things from my open house, I put some more info on the last blog post. I put a link with the person if they had a website.


Hey Strangers!

I didn't mean to take such a big blog break. Things have been super busy!
I had my 5th Annual Christmas Shopping Open house last Saturday. It was so much fun and I met some other bloggers too!
Here's a little peek at what was going on:

My mom's scarves:

my stuff:

my sister's things:

Sharon's stuff from Glazed from the Heart:

Ryane's things from Moates Art

Angie's t-shirts and bows:

Desiree's crosses:

I wanted to buy everything!
Now that it's all over with, maybe I can take a little breather. I am so thankful to have all my Christmas decorations up already!

And today I super unsuccessfully tried to take a picture of Katie for our Christmas card:

We were both doing this after about 5 minutes!

Maybe I need to leave this to the professionals.
It's hard to pose a 4 month old. She mainly just has one trick up her sleeve. She can lay down pretty well!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Shopping Time!

This Saturday is my 5th Annual
Christmas Shopping Open House!
It will be at my house from 2 to 6

If you live in the D/FW area, and want to come, leave a comment with your email address and I will email you where I live. I have said it in the past, but make me feel confident that you are a normal, non boogie man kind of a person.

And if you came last year, remember that I moved...again! Because that's just what you do when your baby is 2 weeks old!

We will have some great things here. You can shop for people on your Christmas list if you want, but if I were you I would shop for myself!


4 Months!

Look who turned 4 months old today!

Katie Belle!

In some ways it feels like it's flying by and other times it feels like I've known her forever.

She likes to show off her abs!

Also, this big girl sleeps in her own room now!

I had to take a picture in the morning to commemorate the first night all by herself.
She has done it 4 nights in a row now.
It's practically time to start applying for colleges.

I had to pack up the pack and play in our room, because it's time for this:

That's right! The Christmas is going up!

It's half way done, and I have a giant mess going on right now!

I am getting ready for my 5th annual Christmas Shopping Open House this Saturday! I'll tell you more about it tomorrow, just in case you are in the area and want to swing by.
You know how when people blog about their kids ages they always say "I can't believe my baby is blah blah months or years old already!" Well, I am not going to say that. What is really shocking to me is that I haven't had a full night's sleep in 4 months now. I think the longest I have slept at one time is 3 hours.
So I can't believe that in 4 months of not sleeping that I haven't gotten in any fights or physically harmed anyone out of exhaustion and crankiness.
I'm not going to say I haven't been tempted though!



Kellys Korner is hosting Show Us Your Bathrooms!
You know you want to see them!

This is our guest bathroom.
The wall color is called spaqua. And I recently added the pink mantle. Do you think I am the only person in the world with a pink mantle in the bathroom? I hope not.

The "W" collection.
Someone once thought our W's were for George W. Bush?! I happen to think he's adorable, but they are for our last name. Duh!
This is the bathroom BEFORE we moved in!

And here's our little master bathroom:

This soap from Bath and Body works is the best!

Our brick floor is really just stamped concrete.
I found this alligator hanging out by my toilet yesterday! I was able to trap him under a bowl (while screaming!) and left him there until Marcus came home.

Here's our master BEFORE we moved in:


Go to Kellys Korner to check out some more potties!



I hope you all had a fun Halloween!
We sat on our front porch, with the Rangers on in the background, and met some neighbors.

Katie was just dressed as a cute baby this year. We couldn't really find much in her size. And it was in the upper 80's, so most all the costumes would have been too hot.

So next year she will be something adorable, I'm sure. That way I can send her out in the neighborhood and she can score some chocolate for her mama!

She dove right into the candy!

Then she got very sleepy:

And a little fussy:

So it was time for a bath.
She's always happy in the bath. Here she is smiling at her Daddy:

I think she had a fun first Halloween.

And I enjoyed eating 3 Musketeers for breakfast this morning!