Giving Thanks...Twice

Marcus had to work at the fire station on Katie's first Thanksgiving. Big Bummer. So my parents and I went and had lunch at my in-laws house. It was sad with out Marcus there, but also delicious!
Of course I didn't get a picture of my mother in law, who made a wonderful meal!

I did get a picture of Katie with my mom though:

It was last year at our Thanksgiving meal that we announced our pregnancy! Time flies!

And just for the record, we didn't announce anything this year.

Later in the day Katie and I went had dinner at the fire station with her daddy:

It was fabulous! They should have their own restaurant. Marcus fried 2 turkeys and smoked another one. There was enough food to feed an army plus the Navy too!

Here's Katie having her Thanksgiving meal:

That night we slept at my mom's since Marcus was at work. I had to take a picture of Katie in this chair, because last time we spent the night there, that is where she slept!

She was just 2 weeks old and it was the night we moved.

It's really not that long ago, but she has changed so much!

Speaking of change...Yesterday it was carrots and today it was a haircut:
This girl had some crazy hair!
This is some of what I cut off. That's enough to make a little baby toupee.

She feels such a weight lifted off her head now!

The bottom of her hair is just a little crooked and maybe a tad too short, but we won't talk about that.


Vanessa said...

Could you glue that extra hair together and give it to my baby boy? He could use it ;)

Glad to see you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Pamela said...

Too funny! I cut my oldest's hair when he was 2 months old so I know what ya mean abt crazy hair! He had a head full of it when he was born and by the time the 2 mth mark came around it was over his ears and down his neck. I couldn't take it!:) I used cuticle scissors!Ha!

Miss G said...

That's really fun that you have a picture of her in that chair at both ages. We are still trying to grow hair so no haircuts for us yet! :) Kelly