Birthday Times 2

Today we went to Charis and Drew's first birthday party! Their parents happen to be two of our favorite people.

It was a Dr. Seuss, Thing 1 and Thing 2 theme, so cute!

Drew is using his manners with his smash cake.

And Charis was not!

Love it!

I had to get a picture of Katie next to Colson. Colson is Anna's newest baby. (She's one of favorite people too!) Anyway he is 7 weeks younger than Katie, but about 8 pounds heavier!

Isn't he a cute little chunker?

Katie got into her treat bag, and then fell asleep after being in the car for 2 seconds.

It was her very first "friend" party. She has been to lots of family parties, but those she has to be invited to. This was special!

I think she had lots of fun!

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