Christmas Eve

My family does our Christmas celebrating Christmas Eve, because we just can't wait!

My sister was trying to make Katie laugh, but it worked better on me! (maybe in 2011 I can get rid of one of my chins!)

My parents with their grand kids:

My aunt and cousins:

It was so fun to have them all in town. They came from Colorado, Tennessee and El Paso!

My family is Italian, so we always have lasagna and pasta on Christmas Eve.
The kids table:

More of the kids:

It's so fun to see all the kids play together. My sister, my cousins and I would have the best time getting together every Christmas. So now it's extra special seeing our kids having fun together!

Well, maybe Katie can play with them next year.

This is my cousin, Kristen's husband, Kevin. He's not really a giant. He's just pretending to be one here:

And I forgot to include this picture from my Ice post:

Do you think Katie has her Grampy and Daddy wrapped around her teensie little finger?

I do!


Staci said...

Great photos. Looks like you had a great holiday. I know you live for this!! Katie is really growing up. It happens way to fast. My little miracle baby, my preemie, starts kindergarten this year! I'll cry just thinking about it. When I quit my job to stay home with her, 5 years seemed like forever. Seems like all I did was blink.

I'm off to dry my tears now. I think a coke and a trip to charming charlies would help cheer me up...

Amanda said...

Thanks for posting pictures of your parents. It's so good to see them. I'll never forget that they showed me how a real marriage works, and that they loved me like their own. Also, your mom looks just like she did in 1989! Send them my love!

donna said...

Amanda, you are sweet. We loved having you in our lives. Dina, loving your blog