Golightly's Party

My favorite Christmas party every year is the Golightly's employee party. For the last several years I worked in the tearoom a couple of days a week, so I was an employee. I stopped doing that before Katie was born, so I thought I was out on the party. Wellll, to my surprise I am still an employee since I do their blog! Yay for me!
This year we had it at Janet's and all got to wear our PJ's or comfy clothes. That was so nice to not have to "get ready".

We always do lots of laughing at Janet's!

And she is SUPER generous! She got us all pedicure gift certificates and she gave me this sign:

I love it! I am kind of like Buddy the Elf in my love of sugar. So the word marshmallows can be interchangeable with anything sweet; m&m's, smarties, Coke...or marshmallows!

Is there sugar in marshmallows? Then, yes I like marshmallows.


Jennifer said...

Love the sign! And your blog! I found you on Kelly's Korner a while back. Do you know the brand of the sign? Or where to find it?

Miss G said...

so glad you're still in on the party! It was different this year not having all of the same work related holiday stuff I've had in years past but nice too in a way. Kelly