Ice, Ice Baby

Have I ever told you that Vanilla Ice did a concert at my high school in 10th grade? We won a radio contest and he came during the school day. That is not what this post is about, but anytime ICE comes up, I want to sing, "stop, collaborate and listen..."

We went to see the ICE exhibit at the Gaylord Resort. This year they did a Peanuts theme, so I had to go. I have a thing for Snoopy.

My aunt and cousins came into town, so the whole family went. I would be a terrible historian, because I didn't get pics of everybody.


Marcus, me, Katie, Morgan and Ryan. (our niece and nephew). I think maybe we could have gotten a better background than the women's bathroom?!

My cousin Kristen, expecting Lucy in March, with her nieces:
We bundled Katie up, because it was 12 degrees in the exhibit!

Everything is made of Ice. It was really cool and COLD!

My cousin Stacey, with her son Marcus:

Me with SLEEPING Katie! I was wearing her and she got nice and cozy and warm, then just conked out. She missed the whole thing!

Good thing I took some pictures for her!
Thanks to my dad for buying us all tickets! I think we could have all flown to the North Pole for the same price!

Word to your mother
(another Vanilla Ice reference, just in case you weren't cool in the 90's)


laurensmommy said...

Will it ever stop?
Yo--I don't know
Turn off the lights and I'll glow!

I loved me some Vanilla Ice back in the day! (and whenever I hear "stop" I always think "collaborate and listen".. you're not alone!!)

Looks like a fun time, and sweet Katie just keeps gettin' cuter!

Fabiola said...

Katie is getting so big. When you blink you will be setting up her 1st bday party.

Happy New Year!!!!

A little note: did you publish all these posts at once? I stopped by yesterday and I didn't see any of them.

Anonymous said...

Great photos...we saw ICE at the Gaylord hotel in DC this year. The theme there was Dr. Seuss', "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" And we just about froze our butts off!!

Anonymous said...

Dina, you are so funny! And Katie is absolutely adorable!!!

Ashley Tremaine said...

hi Dina!
I just have to tell you a funny story! My bff found your blog from Kelly's Korner and told me about it...so we've both been pursuing it like crazy!! We love your entire blog and we stopped by GoLightly's yesterday..but were so disappointed because it was closed! However we hit a few other places in the area and at one particular antique store my friend found something Mary Englebright and said, "this reminds me of my friend Dina." I didn't think much of it till she said it again later and chuckled! Then I figured out she meant you!! Ha! We laughed heartily that we consider you our friend, but you don't even know us!! ;) Hope you don't think we are weird or stalkers...we just found it so neat that you live in our area and have the sweetest blog. We would love to come to your next Open House at Christmas or if you have one sooner!! {Sorry for such a long comment!} :)