A Little Late To the Party!

Kelly's Korner is hosting Show Us Your Entries/Foyers. She was hosting it yesterday and I am a little bit tardy.
This is my entry. It's attached to my dining room. It is chalk pink with an apple green ceiling. (I have a really easy going husband!)

You can see most of the house from the entry. So if we have unexpected company come to the door, it better be cleaned up! Right now I can see junk on the kitchen counter. oops!

Here's Santa to greet you with a song when you come in!

The floors in the entry way are the ONLY thing we left in this house when we remodeled.

I love my front door. It's extra wide so if you ate too much for Thanksgiving, you can still fit through it! And my green chandelier is from Susan at Golightly's.

And two weeks ago I totally missed out on the laundry room tours. So I am going to sneak mine in. It is also painted pink! I promise the rest of my house is not pink. These are the only 2 rooms.

A few of my very favorite things are in my laundry room:
Our drink fridge
My front loader washer and dryer that I super love:

I feel like they are always going. There is always spit up or boogers to clean up. I live a glamorous life. Don't be jealous.
And here is our pantry. We got it at Sam's. It is really meant for a garage, but it holds our food just perfect.

Thanks for coming over! Grab a drink on your way out!
Have a great weekend!


Natalie@Endless Crafting said...

What a fun entry and I LOVE your laundry. I am sure it makes doing laundry so much more fun to do it one that cute! Great job!

Brooklynn said...

So you were "Tardy for the Party?" I hope you know what I'm referencing. :)

I love your style. Still wish you would come decorate my house! Although, my hubby isn't that easy going so pink might not fly. HA HA!

Monique said...

The fridge stocked with soda is awesome!

Keely said...

Love the fridge with soda, sounds like I'm copying the other comment, but soooo true!! Wish I had room for that! Your husband sounds easy going! So is mine!

Anonymous said...

So fun and cheery!

Jennie said...

I always love looking at pictures of your house and fun decorations!! :)

Kristin said...

the drink fridge makes me very happy! :) the house looks awesome!

Angie said...

Love,love, love both of your spaces!! Your entry way is beautiful. I love how open your house is!

Ben and Audrey said...

everything you've shown of your house, i love. love love love. i'm desperate for design help!! if i lived in your town i would seriously hire you!!!! great job!!

Ashley said...

If we ever sell our house I promise to make you all the clothes in the world for your precious daughter if you will help me decorate. We don't live too far from eachother, so hey! It could be a win win situation ;)
Such lovely rooms!!

Rianne said...

I wish i have a pantry like that, lovely=)

Amy said...

Love the drink fridge. But I'm giving up soda for a while and that is sooo tempting. Ha! Love your style.

Amy said...

Love, love, love it all! Are those fabric wreaths hanging from your dining room chairs? I need a close up! ;)

Such a fun and cheerful house!