6 Months

Katie turned 6 months old on the 14th!

It kind of seems like 6 months since my last post too. I got a new camera for Christmas and I didn't want to read the instructions on how to put pictures from the camera onto the computer. I think it should come with a guy that does it for you!

She weighs almost 17 pounds and is 26 inches long. That is 10 pounds and 6 inches bigger than when she was born.

She has two teeth and everything goes in her mouth now. I think she is working on a few more too.

Marcus and I always joke that it looks like she has a bump it in her hair! At least she lives in Texas. That poof will come in handy later.

Katie is such a good baby and a joy to be around. We are having so much fun being her parents!
I am enjoying holding her and cuddling with her whenever I can, because I know she is only going to be little for such a short time. The next 6 months are going to bring some BIG changes!

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering about my last post and the angels singing...Well, they only sang for 2 mornings. Katie hasn't wanted to sleep through the night since then. My doctor said since she is 6 months old now she can sleep through the night. Katie didn't get the memo though. So I am supposed to make her wait at least 8 hours to eat. Right now she still feels icky from all her shots, so I might wait to do that for a few days...or months. We'll see.


Maggie Elizabeth said...

Happy 6 months Katie!! You are such a beautiful doll!! I know you enjoy her so very much!! It makes me miss Sophie Clare wearing all those cute head bands. You are right about all the changes in the next 6 months. I know you do not need anyone to tell you this but HOLD HER as much as possible. One day she will start walking and think she does not need to be held!!
I have rambled enough!! Have a great rest of the week!!

Nicole said...

I'm sure you've been told to just let her cry. I did that with all of mine. And, guess what ... it works! And mama survives it (and sleeps much better from there on out!) Takes some strong will, though! Good luck!

Paige said...

She is just so stinkin cute! And i love her wild woman hair!! And not that you asked, but I am with Nicole. For Callyn, each new thing only took 3 days. If she doesn't NEED to eat, then you shouldn't feel guilty. Just take it as she loves you lots....she just wants to see you...even if it's the middle of the night!!!

Ben and Audrey said...

she is just precious. seriously adorable. my Jovie will be 1 on the 25th and i can hardly believe it. she is a busy little walker now & doesn't have much time to cuddle! sad. so enjoy these baby days b/c they do go by so quickly!

as for sleeping through the night, you and she can do it!!! i certainly am not super duper mom but i can give you a few tips that worked for us, if you want. i don't want to impose anything on you! ha!

happy week!

FinsFan said...

"Katie didnt get the memo"*LOL* Dont worry Mama...she will sleep through the night, and then you will get more sleep too! HAPPY 6 MOS - Katie is beautiful! And her 6 mos outfit is adorable...

kimert said...

I LOVE Katie's hair!! She's just too precious!

Aimee said...

I don't comment much but I've been reading your blog for a while! Katie is adorable and I love her hair. I have a daughter that just turned 7 months old today.

I know you will get a ton of advice on getting her to sleep through the night. Maycee Belle was the same way and I just couldn't stand to let her cry it out. She still sleeps in our room at 7 months! Oops! =) But she finally started sleeping through the night in the last month. What worked for us was slowly giving her less and less bottle at night. She was waking up and getting like 4 oz before she fell back asleep so I started giving her only 3 oz for like a week and then 2 and so on and so on. Finally I was only giving her 1 and she didn't wake up for it! =) It was pure joy! I know everyone will give you their opinions but this is just what worked for us. Good luck!

Miss G said...

She looks so tall in these pictures! I love the sweater outfit.

Again, you didn't ask but I'll tell you what we did. Does she suck her thumb or take a paci? Our pediatrician told us at six months they can self-soothe. For our little guy he wasn't so interested in the paci anymore and was really beginning to suck his thumb when he went to bed. If she takes a paci she might be starting to be able to get it in by herself. Our pediatrician said we could put 10 pacis in bed with him if it would help him to find them!

Anyway, at six months for all naps and bedtime we started having a specific routine. I nurse him close to bedtime with all the lights on so he's not falling asleep nursing, then change diaper and jammie him, we read a book and pray and put him down in the crib and walk out.

For naps, we read a book, pray and I put him down and walk out.

I'm not going to tell you that there haven't been times when I've HATED hearing him cry but all in all it has been soo wonderful! He has really gotten the hang of it better and better (going on trips, teething being sick, etc. throws us off but it usually just takes a night or two to get back in sync.

He sleeps from about 6:30/7:00 to 5:00 a.m.ish and then I nurse him with the lights out and no talking, etc. and he goes back to sleep till 7, 8 or sometimes 9!

Again, you didn't ask but for what it's worth there it is. My bigger piece of advice though is to just do what seems to work for your family and don't beat yourself up if you don't match someone else. Every baby and every family is different! (preaching to myself here because I forget this at times) :)

Have a good weekend! Kelly