Today we celebrated my mother in law's 70th birthday!
We decorated everything in her favorite colors, red and yellow.

Marcus got me a Sillhouette machine for Christmas. It can cut out different shapes and letters. This was my first attempt to use it. It's fun!
I made "70" confetti for the table:

And I made a birthday sign with it too:

I didn't make this one:

You should have seen us trying to fit those balloons in our car!

Here's Katie waiting for the guests to arrive.

I can put clips directly in her hair now with out using the headband, and I think it makes her look so big! And of course she is sporting her Bump it hair!
Speaking of So BIG...My niece Melissa made this BIG cake! She is only 11. She baked it and decorated it herself. She is so creative!

She used fondant icing for the stars and cut them out herself. It was not only cute, but delicious!
Here's the little baker:

Melissa insisted that we have 70 candles on the cake!

They wanted Marcus to have the fire extinguisher on hand:

The birthday girl blew them all out herself! Way to go. It was super smoky!

You can see the paparazzi in the mirror!

I am so lucky to have such a sweet mother in law.

The gang:

My nephew, Jeddy (Jedediah), felt the need to get on our roof. Or maybe Marcus felt the need to put him up there. Better him, than Katie!

His Aunt Dina felt much better when he was on the ground!

Now we are pooped after all the partying.
I've got a sink full of dishes to do and a piece of cake that's not going to eat itself!
I hope you all had a good weekend!


Ashley said...

That cake is looks really good! I cant believe your 11 year old niece made it. She's talented!

Gail said...

Beautiful decor, loved your banner, the cake - wow - the cake. That is so fantastic! My 7 year old daughter is really getting into cooking and baking. I'll have to show her. She'll be impressed and inspired for sure. And dear heavens, how did that child get on the roof? LOL!

Your writing is funny. Makes it fun to read. Hope you enjoyed your cake. :)

Beth at southernfriedliving said...

Wow, that cake was impressive!!! Looks like you threw your MIL and fabulous party. I have silouette jealousy!!!

Katy said...

dina, looks like a fun party and everything looked festive!! funny pic of the cake on fire :)

Fabiola said...

WOW!!! Beautiful party!!! And Katie is getting so big.
You are such a talented family ; )

Miss G said...

Wow! Your MIL looks wonderful, very youthful!

Hooray for Melissa! That cake is impressive, girl! Way to go!

Looks like a very fun party!

Katie looks cute in her jumperoo. We just got ours out. It is my solution to ironing while he's awake now that he's mobile. He used it for the first time today and it was fun to see him when he realized he could jump in it. :) He liked that a lot.

I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do with the silhouette. Kelly

Katy said...

Hey Girl, I spent most of the day yesterday "Dina-izing" my house...adding pops of color here and there. I LOVE IT, wanting to go out and buy more paint too...amazing what color does for a home and makes it more "me" and unique. I'm going to take some pics of what I've done and post them on my blog.
Hope you guys are happy and well. :)

Katy said...

post is up...had to get nursing out of the way...ya know child rearing and house cleaning things. :0

FinsFan said...

what a wonderful party giver!! ur mother-in-law does not look 70-what wonderful genes! beautiful home : )

Dana said...

My special red plate broke...so sad! But I LOVE yours! I have been searching the internet for one and can't find it. Do you know where they can be found?