Busy and The Bachelor

I'm a little bit of a cheater. I have been doing some back blogging. I didn't have time as the holidays were going on, but I don't want to forget anything either. So I did all my Christmas posts at once.

If you have known me for 2 seconds, then you know I LOVE Christmas. I was especially looking forward to this Christmas, because of Katie. Well, it all flew by way too fast. We were WAY too busy. It was hard to enjoy anything. Did any of you feel that way? It makes me a little sad. Next year we are going to have to be a little more intentional about our Christmas celebrating. And we may have to say "No" to some things. I want Katie to grasp the real meaning of Christmas. I want to grasp the real meaning of Christmas! It's easy to forget when you are so wrapped up into all the holidayness!


Let's move on to the Bachelor. Did you watch it?

Of course I did.
Why does everyone give Brad such a hard time? For those of you living under a rock (or those of you with solid morals that don't watch this show)...Brad was the Bachelor 3 years ago and didn't propose to either of the girls at the end. I happen to think that's a good thing! If you don't want to marry them, then don't propose!
The Bachelor always makes me glad I am married. I do not miss all that dating hoopla. And sometimes I get so embarrassed for those girls that I have to cover my eyes! They get a little bit too eager!
I would like some roses though. For anyone that might be interested...
hint, hint
(I am only hinting to one particular person here. I hope he knows who he is...your initials are MW in case you need a clue)


Tricia Nae said...

Well, it's like Christmas in my google reader with all these posts from you Dina!!

I totally respect him for not proposing to someone he did not want to marry. I can't figure out why people got their feathers all ruffled.

BUT...I have to dvr the show so I can ff through the cheesy parts that are too uncomfortable to watch. I usually see about 10mins of the show that way. Ha.

Frugal Jen said...

I've got to catch up with some posts too!

I'm so excited about this season. What did you think of the sneak peak? Looked drama filled! LOVE IT!

My fave is the blonde southern girl that has a daughter. What did you think of fang girl? The producers probably had a hand in that one.

Katy said...

I'm several months behind on blogging and have GOT to get some things posted.
The Bachelor: I agree, why should he have proposed bc they were (supposedly) in love with him. weird people, he did the right thing.

Katy said...

and the girl w/ fangs...i think is kept for ratings

D said...

I agree Dina.....Sometimes I just want to take these girls by the face with my hands and just say, "Really?" I think they have degraded themselves and shown just how insecure they really are by going on these shows!