Goodbye 2010

Marcus and I celebrated our New Year's Eve a day early. I got him tickets to the Robert Earl Keen concert in Ft.Worth at Bass Hall.

It was nice to have a date night!

Bass Hall is beautiful!

Here is REK!

And this guy totally made me want to play the drums!

Marcus and I were just thinking about what business we could go in together. I think we should have our own band! Katie could play the tambourine! How cute!

The tree in downtown FW:

This is us on New Year's Day. Katie is decked out in her Texas Tech outfit. They played and beat, Northwestern!

Happy 2011 everyone!

It's going to be hard to beat 2010.
Unless I get to sleep through the night in 2011. Then it wins!

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Staci said...

Happy 2011 you guys!! I hope it's as full of blessings as 2010 was.

Ft worth rocked it this year. Did y'all go by and see all the trees lit up at the pier 1 bldg? It was sooo cool! My girls loved it.

Let me know if you ever want to meet for lunch one day. Cokes are on me! I'll talk your ear off about my decorating delimmas.